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Sell with greater conviction and generate valuable new business for your firm

Liz Banks - Skillstudio

Do you want to:

  • Earn a reputation for being a great salesperson without being remotely ‘salesy’?
  • Master the skills and techniques of consultative selling?
  • Gain the mindset and the results of a top performer?

And would you like to go beyond the role of ‘expert’ and become recognised in your firm as a solid business generator?

Sales for non-sales people

Sales for non-sales people is our in-house workshop designed for individuals – often technical or professional - who do not feel totally comfortable in selling situations and need to maximise chances of getting more successful outcomes.

This course focuses on the key skills and mindset required to succeed at the highest level and can be tailored to suit the needs of particular sectors, from financial services to media & publishing.

Who will get most from 'Sales for non-sales people'?

People most likely to benefit:

Technically-minded individuals who have risen through specialist expertise, now required to sell, but lacking the skill, motivation or mindset

Consultants who need to bridge the gap between ‘trusted advisor’ and sales professional

Operational staff with frequent client contact who need better skills to scope and leverage potential business opportunities

Managerswith enhanced new role around client-facing activities who lack sales confidence

Directors and partners who need to inspire and influence people internally and externally, who recognise that technical or specialist knowledge is not enough.

Graduates without sales skills.

Workshop learning outcomes

By attending this course your will learn how to:-

  • Get clients interested in buying your services
  • Understand when and why clients buy and how to influence decisions
  • Establish credibility and trust from the first contact
  • Evaluate your performance and set goals for improvement
  • Gain confidence, motivation and a ‘sales mindset’
  • Make a positive and lasting impact with clients.

Comments from previous delegates

“Very informative with a high degree of self reflection. Very good facilitator and trainer.”

“Ian had excellent depth of knowledge. I learnt a lot.”

"Ian is simply an excellent instructor. His ability to teach without following notes by rote, using his wide experience, was particularly effective. "

“Superb course - very enjoyable and challenging.”

"The trainer was excellent in both the way in which he presented the material in an engaging manner and in the flow of material. The structure with short breaks was very good. Great value for money!"

“The tutor looked at all delegate goals at the beginning and varied the course accordingly. All sessions excellent and useful.”

“Excellent course – very useful for day job.”

Sales for non-sales people workshop - Typical Outline

Here's an example of a classic Sales for non-sales people workshop. Each element comprises of tutor instruction, typically followed by an exercise, then a group discussion to unpack the learning.


  • What communications do you need to create?
  • Review of workshop objectives

Clear aims, clear achievements

  • The skills and the mindset of top performing sales people
  • Understanding the psychology and cycle of the buyer
  • Gaining the confidence and skills to communicate value
  • The steps of the sale

Understanding the customer

  • Questioning
  • Listening
  • Becoming more aware of self and others
  • Buying psychology and the buying cycle

Getting attention

  • Crafting the one minute pitch and the storyline
  • Presenting ideas with greater impact

Making the sale

  • Focusing on value, not features
  • Dealing with obstacles and difficult questions
  • Knowing how and when to ask for commitment

Workshop evaluation & action planing

  • Personal action plan for further development
  • End of course evaluations

Like us to tailor a workshop to your specific requirements?

We can run these workshops as one or two day events. We can also adapt the content to meet your specific trainnig objectives.

Give us a call on +44 (0)8456 444 150 or email us on to discuss your specific requirements further

Sales for non-sales people workshop fees

Our fees are:-

Two-day workshop

£3590 + VAT and expenses for up to 8 participants.

One-day workshop

£1890 + VAT and expenses for up to 8 participants.

Tailored workshop fees:-

Our fees for a fully tailored workshop are as above plus an additional once off consultancy fee to cover any meetings that are required plus the time needed for the actual design of the workshop.

Training Approach

This specialist workshop is delivered by Skillstudio trainers who are all highly experienced and expert in the areas of communication, interpersonal and influencing skills.

Our training approach incorporates a unique learning style that combines inputs from our trainers combined with repeat opportunities to practice and develop skills.

The training is highly practical and interactive where the group are encouraged to be fully involved, actively learning by both doing and by observing others. The trainers use their expertise to follow up on specific issues raised by individual participants and to tailor exercises/feedback and on-going targets throughout the training.

This makes our training flexible enough to allow the trainers to adapt in real time as specific needs of individuals arise during the workshop.

In addition, our interactive and ‘hands-on’ approach also encourages an enjoyable and relaxed training style and a great team building experience amongst the group.

If you want your staff to sell more effectively ...

      We know we can help them:-

  • Generate client interest without being ‘salesy’
  • Increase their confidence and focus in client interactions
  • Own the tools and the mindset to succeed
  • Create lasting impact and boost client relationships

Get in touch today:-

If you'd like to make a booking; got some questions you'd like to ask; or want to discuss the course in more detail.

Call us on +44 (0)8456 444 150

or email us at:

Speak to you soon.


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