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Write more clearly, excitingly and persuasively - on our In-house Workshop

Liz Banks - Skillstudio

Do you want to:

  • Create more compelling presentations, documents and emails?
  • Write reports that are more persuasive and easy to understand?
  • Learn the writing techniques that really make a difference to what you want to say?

And would you like to learn how to present yourself and your organisation more professionally?

Persuasive Writing

Persuasive Writing is our in-house workshop designed for those who are either unsure how to write clear, persuasive messages and documents or who feel they’d like to refresh and fine tune their skills. It is always tailored to what people taking part wish and need to write.

Persuasive writing is the workshop ‘twin’ of Powerful Storytelling. Both workshops are modular so that organisations can choose the writing and stroytelling techniques and skills from each workshop that they need and will find most valuable.

Who will get most from 'Persuasive Writing'?

People most likely to benefit:

  • graduate trainees looking for an introduction to writing for business;
  • someone who’s taking on a management or supervisory rôle for the first time;
  • starter or middle managers;
  • those with solid management experience, but who have English as an additional language.

We can adapt the content of the workshop to allow it to be run over a number of sessions (eg 2 half day sessions). As with all of our in-house training we can offer a fully tailored course / workshop to meet your specific requirements.

Workshop learning outcomes

By attending this course your will learn how to:-

  • tailor what you write to have the greatest impact on your readers;
  • strip away bad habits;
  • use clear English to make your writing easy to understand and more powerful;
  • use clear structure to persuade your readers step by step.

Comments from previous delegates

"All parts of the course are valuable as all learning can be taken back and put straight into practice."

"An excellent blend of interactive group/individual work"

"Pace and content were just right"

"Learnt a lot, also enjoyable. Excellent trainer"

"Both interesting AND relevant"

Persuasive Writing Workshop - Typical Outline

Here's an example of a classic Persuasive Writing workshop.


  • What communications do you need to create?
  • Review of workshop objectives

Clear aims, clear achievements

  • Writing communications that stand out
  • Creating simple messages
  • Tailoring your writing for your audience

Writing clear English

  • Best sentences
  • Using lists
  • Chosing the best words
  • Myths and legends of clear communication

Make words work harder for you

  • Positive language
  • Describing, analyzing and persuading

Planning your document

  • Writing good introductions
  • Developing your argument
  • Finishing with a bang

Helpful headings

  • Grab your speed reader
  • Good signposting

Paragraphs that write themselves

  • Simple structures that work
  • Topic, developing and concluding sentences
  • Linking your thoughts
  • Mastering conjunctions

What’s the point of an executive summary?

  • Basic Dos and Don'ts
  • Writing motivating not condensing arguments

Workshop evaluation & action planing

  • Personal action plan for further development
  • End of course evaluations

Other example modules

We always tailor the workshop to delegates needs. So, for example, if you need to focus on how to write compelling presentations,  powerful pitch documents or if you want to be sure you use good grammar, we will include the modules you need.

Presenting English

  • Choosing the best structure for your audience
  • PowerPoint slides that people actually read
  • Words to make your presentation memorable

Pitch documents and proposals

  • Developing client-focused content
  • Creating messages that stick
  • Choosing words that work harder for you

Grammar you remember

  • Parts of speech
  • Putting words together
  • More about verbs

Punctuation with punch

  • Give your writing more authority
  • Learn and remember the basic rules

Like us to tailor a workshop to your specific requirements?

We can run these workshops as one day, two day or over several half days or even shorter time slots. We can also adapt the content to meet your specific trainnig objectives.

Give us a call on +44 (0)8456 444 150 or email us on to discuss your specific requirements further

Persuasive writing workshop fees

Our fees are:-

Two-day workshop

£3590 + VAT and expenses for up to 8 participants.

One-day workshop

£1890 + VAT and expenses for up to 8 participants.

Tailored workshop fees:-

Our fees for a fully tailored workshop are as above plus an additional once off consultancy fee to cover any meetings that are required plus the time needed for the actual design of the workshop.

Trainer background

This specialist workshop is designed and delivered by Simon.

Simon - one of Skillstudios trainersAs well as being an experienced trainer and role-player Simon is an accomplished actor, writer and theatre director. He has worked as a writer, designer and film director for a range of large companies and organizations including Shell, Amnesty International UK and the British Standards Institution.

Simon has a MA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University. He is also a professionally trained actor with a diploma in acting from Webber Douglas Academy. He has a wide range of writing experience, in both the commercial sector, as well as for television, film and radio. He works as a trainer for companies internationally and in the UK, developing and delivering courses up to partner level.

You can read more about Simon here.

If you want your staff to write more persuasively ...

      We know we can help them:-

  • use language clearly and powerfully

  • increase their confidence in their written communications

  • structure their content for maximum effect and...

  • present themselves and your organisation more professionally

Get in touch today:-

If you'd like to make a booking; got some questions you'd like to ask; or want to discuss the course in more detail with Simon.

Call us on +44 (0)8456 444 150

or email us at:

Speak to you soon.


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