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In-House Training Courses

Skillstudio Limited runs in-house training courses at client sites throughout the UK and Europe.

All of our small group courses use a highly interactive workshop style approach to encourage learning and the development of new skills and thus maximise the practical benefits to the participants. We are also able to deliver masterclass training for larger groups.

There are a number of options available for the design of an in-house training course:-

  • All of our public courses can be delivered in-house
  • We have other courses that are only run in-house
  • We can tailor any of our courses to your requirements.
  • Finally, if required, we can produce a fully bespoke training course or masterclass for your organisation.

In-House versions of our public courses

Our eight public courses are listed below. Click on any of the course titles for more information on our in-house offering.

First Presentation Skills (1 day)

This highly supportive one day workshop has been designed for those who currently have little or no experience of presenting or speaking in public but expect to have to take the plunge in the near future. It is also an excellent course for those who have presented in the past but are still extremely nervous about this and try to avoid presenting at all costs.

Training Outcomes:-

  • Understand what makes a good presenter
  • Learn to control nerves and deal with common fears
  • Develop confidence when speaking in front of an audience
  • Learn how to develop ideas
  • Learn how to plan and structure a presentation

Training fees are from £1590 + VAT and expenses for up to 8 delegates.

Visit our First Presentation Skills web page. Click here to download our brochures.

Effective Presentation Skills (2 days)

This two-day intermediate level training course will help delegates deliver presentations more effectively and successfully. The course is ideal for people who already have experience of presenting or public speaking and now want to work on their delivery skills. Delegates will be asked to prepare two short presentations (of roughly 5 minutes duration) before the course, each of which will be delivered several times over the two days.

Training Outcomes:-

  • Develop a more confident and persuasive voice
  • Learn how to control nervous energy
  • Learn how to connect with the audience
  • Learn how to enhance the message
  • Become a significantly better presenter

Training fees are from £2890 + VAT and expenses for up to 8 delegates.

Visit our Effective Presentation Skills web page. Click here to download our brochures.

Powerful Presentation Skills (2 days)

This is an intensive and highly interactive two-day training course to help ensure delegates get the most from all presentation opportunities. This advanced course is ideal for people who are already experienced presenters or public speakers and who now want to achieve more through their presentations.

Throughout the workshop delegates will gain a wide range of practical experience through numerous exercises (voice, physical presence, body language etc) and the delivery of four presentations. Each of the presentations provides a different challenge and will allow delegates the opportunity to present in a different style.

Training Outcomes:-

  • Fine tune the delivery style to create maximum impact
  • Develop a more persuasive and impressive speaking style
  • Control space and presence to get rapport and influence the audience
  • Use pace and structure more effectively for maximum results
  • Use language creatively to present a more powerful message
  • Deliver different styles of presentations for different audiences

Training fees are from £2890 + VATand expenses for up to 8 delegates.

Visit our Powerful Presentation Skills web page. Click here to download our brochures.

Effective Communication Skills (1 day)

A one day workshop which will help delegates express themselves more effectively, have more influence with colleagues and appear more confident in front of others. This is a highly practical and interactive course. Delegates will be working both individually and in small groups on a variety of vocal and practical exercises, interactive discussions and role plays throughout the day.

Training Outcomes:-

  • Speak with more confidence and listen carefully to build rapport
  • Analyse and utilise body language to advantage
  • Steer conversations and influence people
  • Have the confidence to make more of an impact on any audience.
  • Enhance professionalism at work

Training fees are from £1590 + VAT and expenses for up to 8 delegates.

Visit our Effective Communication Skills web page. Click here to download our brochures.

Personal Vocal Impact (1 day)

Whether it is getting your voice heard in meetings, giving dynamic presentations, speaking effectively on the telephone or being more influential in your business environment, your voice plays an essential role in commanding the attention of your listener(s).

This one-day in-house workshop has been designed to help staff enhance the key vocal skills needed to increase their personal impact at work. It will help delegates speak with greater confidence, communicate with more influence and have more personal impact at work.

Training Outcomes:-

  • Learn to reduce hidden tensions that can interfere with vocal production.
  • Learn how to project a strong and confident voice with ease
  • Learn to control your speed of delivery
  • Develop a dynamic voice that commands attention
  • Develop a range of expressive qualities to become more influential
  • Develop key vocal skills to help you maximise your impact in all situations

Training fees are from £1590 + VAT and expenses for up to 8 delegates.

Visit our Personal Vocal Impact web page. Click here to download our brochures.

Successful Body Language (1 day)

If you're leading a meeting, delivering a proposal or trying to convince people that what you are saying is a good idea, your body language is also "communicating" as you speak. And if your body language is in sync with your message then you stand a far greater chance of success. Body language awareness can also give you an edge when negotiating. If you are able to read possible signals from the other people you are dealing with - it can help you identify likely areas to investigate further to potentially get yourself a better deal.

This one day workshop is designed to help you increase your personal impact by improving your awareness and utilisation of successful body language techniques. Throughout the day you will explore the use of body language through group exercises, role play and group discussion. Video will also be used as an additional form of feedback.

Training Outcomes:-

  • Discover when body language is an important mode of communication
  • Use body language to increase your personal impact
  • Increase your presence and strengthen your command over your listeners
  • Learn how to use body language to build rapport with others
  • Learn how to read and interpret signals of others
  • Learn how to apply body language to help control tension and conflict

Training fees are from £1590 + VAT for up to 8 delegates.

Visit our Successful Body Language web page. Click here to download our brochures.

Essential Interview Skills (1 day)

This one-day workshop is aimed at helping delegates to prepare for and sell themselves more effectively at job interviews.

Training Outcomes:-

  • Learn techniques to help control interview nerves
  • Discover how to use your voice to convey a confident & engaging style
  • Know how to use body language to build rapport with your interviewer
  • Discover key preparation techniques to help you perform to your strengths
  • Be able to deliver convincing answers to your interview questions
  • Have the tools to help you get that job

Training fees are from £1590 + VAT and expenses for up to 8 delegates.

Visit our Essential Interview Skills web page. Click here to download our brochures.

Essential Media Training (2 days)

If you want to ensure that your staff come across professionally in their next media interview and enhance your organisation's reputation in the media then this two-day intensive workshop is ideal.

During the two days delegates will learn how to fully prepare for media interviews, deal with difficult questions, get their message across successfully and present themselves effectively on radio and television and other types of media. Delegates will go through a number of practice interview situations and receive personal constructive feedback on how to improve. Video feedback will also be used extensively throughout the course.

Training Outcomes:-

  • Learn techniques to help control interview nerves
  • Understand the media and how to manage them effectively
  • Learn how to fully prepare for your media interviews
  • Learn how to get your key messages across clearly
  • Speak with greater confidence and influence when talking to the media
  • Learn how to think on your feet and deal with awkward questions
  • Convey a more professional style when appearing on radio or TV/Camera

Training fees are from £3090 + VAT and expenses for up to 8 delegates.

Visit our Media Interview Training web page. Click here to download our brochures.

Tailor Made or Bespoke In-House Courses

All the above in-house courses can be customised to accommodate your own specific training needs. We can also design a course entirely to your specifications.

Click here for details of all our tailored in-house courses.

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