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Stop selling and start networking to attract valuable new business contacts to your firm.

Liz Banks - Skillstudio

Do you want to:

  • Broaden your contacts and get more referral business?
  • Get rid of fear, uncertainty and doubt around networking?
  • Earn a reputation as a great person to be connected to?

And … would you like to improve the quality of your social interaction so that others will naturally want to put more business your way?

Advanced Networking Skills

Advanced Networking Skills is our in-house workshop designed for individuals – often technical or professional - who do not feel totally comfortable in networking situations. The overall aim of this high impact day is for individuals to leave the session more relaxed and confident, and with a set of tools and techniques to achieve more consistency around networking successfully and selling their story memorably to others.

The learning is achieved through a combination of simple, practical models, thought provoking exercises (some recorded) and the trainer’s personal experience, to demonstrate the link between what we habitually think and do in networking situations and the results we can expect as a consequence.

Who will get most from 'Advanced Networking Skills'?

People most likely to benefit:

Technically-minded professionals who have specialist expertise, who now need to network, but lack the skill, motivation or mindset.

Consultants who need to strike a balance between selfish ‘sponging’ and too-generous networking behaviours.

Sales people with frequent client contact who need better skills to leverage potential business opportunities without selling.

Managers with new responsibilities around client-facing activities who lack confidence.

Anyone who has discovered that cold calling no longer works winning new business.

Workshop learning outcomes

By attending this course your will learn how to:-

  • Enter a room and approach individuals and small groups with confidence
  • Demonstrate the art of sincere curiosity and attract others towards you
  • Craft and deliver a concise, memorable message about you and your firm
  • Work a room and avoid getting stuck with one person
  • Identify those who you can and can’t do business with
  • Become more aware of the impression you create from the first handshake
  • Plan and structure your approach to your next networking event

Comments from previous delegates

“Made good progress and identified key areas to work on for the future. The purpose of networking is not selling!”

“Filmed exercises, including how to escape from the ‘wrong type of person’ were especially useful.”

“Working through the examples and seeing the video playback was a very effective way of delivering the message and getting an insight as to how others may view you.”

“Before the course I thought I was networking but I was in fact selling. Planning tips were great, and bringing structure to the process helps enormously in working the room and maximising mutual benefits.”

“Another great course for Ian. A lively, interactive workshop – enjoyable and informative.”

“The section on ‘what do I do?’ was an ‘aha moment’ for all delegates on this course.”

Advanced Networking Skills workshop - typical outline

Here's an example of a classic Advanced networking skills workshop. Each element comprises of tutor instruction, typically followed by an exercise, then a group discussion to unpack the learning.


  • What is networking and why do we need to develop skill around it?
  • What does good networking look like and feel like?
  • Review of workshop objectives

Your story

  • What do you do, who is it for and what is the value customers are happy to pay for?
  • How to get the other person to want to hear your story and remember key parts?
  • Group networking exercise filmed, watched and discussed

Understanding the room and working it

  • How to prepare for a networking event
  • Identifying who is there and why
  • How to approach anyone with confidence and purpose
  • Remembering names

Getting people's attention

  • Great questions to ask, when to speak, how to draw people in
  • Managing first impressions and having charisma
  • Presenting your story with maximum impact
  • Group networking exercise filmed, watched and discussed

Getting referrals and following up

  • Asking for referrals without causing offence
  • Developing a sense of mutuality and respect
  • Following up and managing relationships post-event

Workshop evaluation & action planing

  • Personal action plan for further development
  • End of course evaluations

Like us to tailor a workshop to your specific requirements?

We can run these workshops as one or two day events. We can also adapt the content to meet your specific trainnig objectives.

Give us a call on +44 (0)8456 444 150 or email us on to discuss your specific requirements further

Advanced networking workshop fees

Our fees are:-

One-day workshop

£1890 + VAT and expenses for up to 8 participants.

Tailored workshop fees:-

Our fees for a fully tailored workshop are as above plus an additional once off consultancy fee to cover any meetings that are required plus the time needed for the actual design of the workshop.

Training Approach

This specialist workshop is delivered by Skillstudio trainers who are all highly experienced and expert in the areas of communication, interpersonal and influencing skills.

Our training approach incorporates a unique learning style that combines inputs from our trainers combined with repeat opportunities to practice and develop skills.

The training is highly practical and interactive where the group are encouraged to be fully involved, actively learning by both doing and by observing others. The trainers use their expertise to follow up on specific issues raised by individual participants and to tailor exercises/feedback and on-going targets throughout the training.

This makes our training flexible enough to allow the trainers to adapt in real time as specific needs of individuals arise during the workshop.

In addition, our interactive and ‘hands-on’ approach also encourages an enjoyable and relaxed training style and a great team building experience amongst the group.

If you want your staff to network more effectively ...

      We know we can help them:-

  • Get referral business to boost bottom-line sales growth
  • Enhance their career and your brand in the marketplace
  • Boost confidence with anyone they meet at events
  • Make them enthusiastic to network more

Get in touch today:-

If you'd like to make a booking; got some questions you'd like to ask; or want to discuss the course in more detail.

Call us on +44 (0)8456 444 150

or email us at:

Speak to you soon.


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