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Learn to Speak with More Confidence and Clarity through our Voice Coaching Classes

  • Want to speak with more confidence?
  • Want to speak with more power and authority?
  • Want to succeed at your next interview?
  • Want to have a clearer voice?

And want to do something about it today?

The voice is one of the key tools needed to communicate effectively within both the business and social environments. It is important for the voice to be clear and confident, dynamic and expressive. When the voice achieves these qualities, the effect is empowering.

Our tailor made one to one coaching is designed for people who wish to improve their vocal technique and develop their vocal skills in order to communicate more effectively in both the business and social environments.

Typical two hour Coaching Session

Coaching Objectives

You will be encouraged to discuss your thoughts and aspirations with your coach, and in particular, communicate what you hope to gain from these sessions.

Vocal Warm Up

This includes vowel and consonant practice, and general exercises for the agility of the vocal organs such as lips, tongue and lower jaw.

Tongue Twisters

For vocal agility and fun. A great way to exercise the jaw and facial muscles.


You will be asked to read a narrative, and certain observations on your voice will then be noted and discussed.

Breathing and Posture Exercises

These exercises will depend on your specific needs, and will be worked and improved upon in each session. In addition, you will learn the art of Creative Visualization and aspects of the Alexander Technique, which will, with some practice, induce deep and relaxed breathing, thus greatly improving the quality of the voice.

Particular Vocal Exercises

These exercises will address your specific needs in vocal areas such as tone, pitch, clarity, variety etc.

Script Reading

This is not only stimulating and entertaining, but is also a very useful way of developing good speech. Using different characters, and other vital techniques, we will help you produce a wider vocal range. Thus enabling you to express yourself articulately, with a voice that is richer, more original and attractive to the listener.

Our voice coaches

Vicki - London

Vicki trained in vocal technique from an early age, gaining her LAMDA qualifications. She then won a place at Mountview Theatre School in London, and studied extensively in Voice, under Greta Colson. Since leaving theatre school, Vicki has enjoyed performing in various productions. She has featured in many radio Voice Overs, and has made numerous voice recordings for educational purposes. As an independent consultant for the past 5 years she has given lectures, seminars and one-to-one coaching in all aspects of Personal Development. (Vicki is based in Hampstead in London.)

Steve - Stirling (and Glasgow / Edinburgh)

Steve is a trained actor as well as a CIPD and NLP qualified trainer. He studied voice production for three years whilst at theatre school at the Barbican in London and also under Patsy Rodenburg at the Royal National Theatre and Cicely Berry at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. Steve brings with him over 15 years of training and theatre experience to his workshops and one to one coaching sessions. He has trained all levels of people in elocution, vocal technique, public speaking and presenting. (Steve is based in Stirling in Scotland and works with people in the Stirling, Glasgow and Edinburgh areas.)

Coaching Fees

Coaching fees are calculated as shown below for sessions held at our consultant's premises in either Hampstead, London NW3 or in Stirling, Scotland. (The minimum booking is 2 hours.)

  • 2 hours - £290 + VAT
  • 4 hours - £540 + VAT
  • 8 hours - £1000 + VAT
  • More than 8 hours £120 + VAT per hour.

On-Site 1-2-1 Coaching

We can also offer one-to-one coaching in elocution or accent softening at your office location in Central London or in the Glasgow or Edinburgh areas. As we will be travelling to your office however our fees are slightly different:-

  • Up to a half day (3.25 hours) - £690 + VAT
  • Full day (6.5 hours) - £1290 + VAT

We can also offer one-to-one coaching outside of these areas, however our minimum fee for this would be £1290 + VAT and travel expenses for up to a full day.

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OK I'm interested so what's the next step?

If you would like to have a chat with one of our coaches to explore your own specific vocal needs in more depth please call or email us and we'll get Vicki or Steve to have a chat with you and answer any more questions you might have.

And remember, you are only one simple step away from starting to develop the voice you've always dreamed of having.

Contact us today:-

Telephone:- +44 (0)8456 444 150

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