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Voice Training

The voice plays such an important role when we communicate verbally with each other. However few people realise that we can all achieve much more with our voices - it just takes some expert training and coaching to unlock its full potential.

Vocal Impact Training

Make more of an impact with your voice

  • Project a clear & confident voice
  • Develop a more dynamic voice
  • Enhance your vocal impact at work

Whether it is getting your voice heard enough in meetings, giving more dynamic presentations or speaking more effectively on the telephone, your voice plays an essential role in commanding the attention of your listener(s).

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Become more eloquent when speaking

  • Improve your diction
  • Learn to speak with confidence & clarity
  • Discover the power of your voice

The ability to communicate clearly and powerfully through your voice is a skill that's often underdeveloped in business today. With the right training however you can turn your voice into a tool that will create more influence and success for yourself.

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Accent Softening & Reduction

Soften your accent, enhance your voice

  • Improve the clarity of your voice
  • Become more articulate
  • Overcome hidden barriers to success

The ability to communicate clearly with colleagues can sometimes be hampered if you have a strong accent. But with the right coaching you can address these issues whilst still retaining the individuality and uniqueness of your voice.

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Public courses in voice training

We regularly run voice training in London & Manchester.

For more information on scheduled dates, see our full calendar of public course dates.

In-house voice training courses

We run in-house voice training workshops throughout the UK and Europe.

Our public (Personal Vocal Impact) course can be delivered in-house. This can be tailored to your specific requirements. For example we can modify the training duration / content of the course.

We can also deliver tailored workshops in accent reduction or elocution.

Contact us today to discuss your in-house voice training needs in more detail.

1-2-1 voice training

All of our 1-2-1 voice training sessions are tailored to your specific needs.

We deliver 1-2-1 voice training in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh & Stirling.

We also deliver 1-2-1 coaching in elocution & accent softening in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh & Stirling.

Contact us today to discuss your 1-2-1 voice training needs in more detail.

Vocal Skills Articles

Have a look at the articles below for some more information, tips and advice on the influence of that the voice can have.

  • The Benefits of Voice Coaching
    You probably use your voice for a substantial part of your working day but you may take it for granted that it will do what you want it to do. You may need to speak with greater authority ...
  • The Poetry of Obama's Campaign
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  • Is Miliband morphing into Blair?
    What’s happened to David Miliband’s voice? At the 2008 Labour conference he sounded like Rory Bremner doing Tony Blair. Or, to put it technically, the heir to Blair has abandoned ...
  • Elocution for Business
    Your voice is one of your main vehicles for clear communication. You probably spend a large amount of your working life using your voice to make an impact – whether it is speaking ...

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