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Your voice is one of your main vehicles for clear communication. You probably spend a large amount of your working life using your voice to make an impact – whether it is speaking in meetings, on the telephone or giving presentations. But have you ever considered having some voice training to help you to really use your voice to its full potential?

In this article we’ll be looking at some techniques to help you achieve more from your voice in the business environment.

Elocution and Voice Training can make all the difference

Liz Banks - Skillstudio MD If you want some expert coaching to help you enhance your voice then Skillstudio are there to help. We provide:-

Elocution Coaching
2 hour, Half day of full day, 121 coaching in elocution by an expert trainer.

Voice Course
These 1-day public courses are held regularly in Central London and Manchester.

Voice Workshops
We can also run our 1-day voice workshops for your organisation on an in-house basis at your premises throughout the UK and Europe.

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What is elocution?

Elocution describes the way in which you speak – how you use your voice to sound confident, dynamic and expressive. In today’s highly competitive world it is important to stand out above the competition. Having the ability to communicate messages with greater authority and conviction will help you to do just that.

What does elocution involve?

Elocution lessons are very practical and help you to develop a range of simple techniques to help you make the most of your voice. The skills that you develop can be applied across the wide range of business and social environments.

Three common areas that elocution addresses are:

  • Developing a clearer voice
  • Developing greater authority through the voice
  • Developing a more interesting voice

Developing a clearer voice

In order to achieve great clarity your listeners must hear every word you say. Try the following simple exercise to help you develop greater clarity in your voice:

Take a short piece of text – this can be from a novel, newspaper etc and practise reading it out aloud. As you speak, exaggerate the movement your mouth makes so that you pronounce each syllable of every word you say. This will help you to articulate all your consonant sounds and word endings so that every word can be heard clearly.

Developing greater authority through the voice

In order to convey greater authority your voice must be controlled so that you speak at a steady pace – not too fast or too slow.

If you are in a situation where you feel nervous, you may well end up speaking too quickly. This will result in you feeling less confident and in control of the situation. If you speak at a slightly slower pace than your normal speed you are more likely to sound calm and authoritative. So to help achieve this try the following exercise.

Read your text out aloud and aim to inject a short (2-3 second) pause at each full stop. The pause acts as a break pedal – to help you racing ahead. The more you practise this, the more likely you will speak at a steady pace when you are talking with others.

Developing a more interesting voice

A voice that has a limited range in expression can easily sound monotone and boring to the listener. To help develop greater variety in the voice try the following exercise:

Practise your piece of text as though your were speaking in different roles – eg a children’s TV presenter or a politician giving a key note speech. This will help you to bring out more emotion and conviction in the voice and increase your range of expression.

Developing your vocal skills further

Using your voice is a very physical activity and requires a lot of energy if used to its full potential. Elocution is a form of vocal training and just like any other practical training – eg training for a marathon, it requires plenty of regular practice in order to build up the required skills and stamina. Elocution can help you to develop your own vocal strengths and thus communicate with greater influence in all business situations.

To get some expert advice and coaching and enhance your vocal skills, click on one of the links below:-

Elocution – 121 coaching
Vocal Impact Courses – Open to members of the public
Voice Coaching Workshops – In-house training for companies and organisations

Skillstudio also offer public courses, 1-2-1 coaching and in-house training in many aspects of presentation skills and communication skills, including public speaking, job interview skills and body language awareness.

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