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The Benefits of Voice Coaching

You probably use your voice for a substantial part of your working day but you may take it for granted that it will do what you want it to do. You may need to speak with greater authority over the telephone, get your ideas across well in a meeting, persuade your colleagues along a certain line or command and captivate an audience.

For any of these and other situations, your voice plays a key role in making a powerful impact on your listeners. Read more »

The Poetry of Obama’s Campaign

What can our own politicians learn from the soaring public speaking skills of the new President of the United States of America? Marina Hyde (A bad week for the cause of banality and witless snidery, Guardian, Saturday 8 November) talks of politicians both past and present listening to Obama’s victory speech in Chicago in the early hours of Wednesday morning experiencing a ‘sobering, gut – sinking sense of their own inadequacy.’ How right she is. Read more »

Is Miliband morphing into Blair?

What’s happened to David Miliband’s voice? At the 2008 Labour conference he sounded like Rory Bremner doing Tony Blair. Or, to put it technically, the heir to Blair has abandoned the “dark L”. That’s not some sinister Labour faction plotting against Gordon Brown but the sound we make when pronouncing words with an “L” towards the end, such as “people”. Read more »

Executive Public Speaking Coaching

Being able to deliver a speech to a large audience in a confident and persuasive manner is one of the key skills needed by many company executives.  But isn’t this public speaking just the same as delivering a business presentation to your team back in the office?  Or do several other factors come into play when you are faced with a sea of faces who dont know you and who aren’t simply there to listen to the boss present! 

The reality for many executives is that speaking in public to a large outside audience can still be a somewhat daunting afair no matter how experienced you are in normal business presentations.  Read more »

Executive Presentation Coaching

Having the confidence and presentation skills needed to present a powerful and persuasive message are key skills needed by all company executives if they really want to succeed in today’s business environment.  Whether its delivering that all important company pitch, presenting at the next executive board meeting, or motivating and inspiring your team at the next company conference.  But how do you acquire some of these skills in the first place?  Or at least take them to the next level?    Read more »

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