Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Public Speaking is one of the most common fears and something that lots of people try to avoid at all costs.  But if you really want to be successful in your career, the ability to overcome your fear and deliver a speech to an audience in a confident and persuasive manner is one of the key skills you might just need and this article will help you start to achieve that. 

Public Speaking Training can help you overcome your fear

Liz Banks - Skillstudio MD If you want some expert coaching to help you overcome your fear and enhance your public speaking skills then Skillstudio are there to help. We provide:-

Overcome Fear of Public Speaking
A 1-day public workshop for absolute beginners to presenting and public speaking held in Central London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Edinburgh & Glasgow.

Effective Presenting & Public Speaking
This 2-day Public intermediate level workshop is held regularly in Central London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh, Glasgow.

Advanced Public Speaking Coaching
This 2-day Public course is held regularly in Central London.

We can also run our public speaking courses for your organisation on an in-house basis at your premises throughout the UK and Europe. We also offer 1-2-1 coaching in all aspects of public speaking throughout the UK.

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What is Public Speaking Fear?

You may be asked to give a speech at a colleague’s leaving do or speak at the next team meeting.  If you suffer from public speaking anxiety and fear, the typical reactions you may have probably include:

  • Shallow breath
  • Shaky voice
  • Sweaty palms
  • Sick feeling in your stomach
  • Dry throat
  • Voice drying up

However, help is at hand and there are some simple techniques you can employ to help you overcome these problems.

Preparation is key to reducing public speaking fear

Firstly it’s important to be prepared rather than try to ‘wing it’ on the day. It’s easy to put off planning your speech since the mere thought of speaking in public terrifies you. But with a little preparation beforehand this can only help you to feel more confident when you next have to speak in public.

Clear Structure

Make sure that you have a clear and simple structure to your speech. To do this following the following steps

Have a strong opening

Start with three short sentences that are easy to remember. This will help you to avoid unnecessary ‘um’s’ and ‘err’s’ when you first start speaking and are at your most nervous.

Three key points

Restrict your speech to three main points as this will give you a clear focus that is easier to remember and easier for your audience to follow.

Have a strong ending

Decide on your final sentence and learn it off by heart so that you will finish on a strong note and avoid sounding apologetic.

Controlling your nerves

There are some simple but highly effective techniques that can help you to control your nerves before you start speaking.


When you are anxious about speaking in public it is easy to start off too quickly as the nerves take hold. To help calm down, take two deep breaths before you start to speak – focusing on breathing out for as long as possible, to help you breathe in a slower and deeper way.

Think positively

Before you start to speak think about the effect you want to have on your audience – what you will do for your audience. Create a short sentence to summarise this and say it in your mind. This will help you to create a positive mind-set – and control your fears since your focus will switch from how you are feeling to what you want to do for your audience.

Speaking confidently in public

When you are speaking in public, you may feel that your voice doesn’t sound the same as usual because you are quieter, more hesitant and less fluent. One of the best ways to help overcome this problem is to make a conscious effort to slow down when you first start speaking. If you speak too quickly, which is the natural tendency, you are more likely to fall into bad habits. So, slow down by taking time over your words and pause at the end of your first sentence. This actually allows your audience to take in what you have just said and it wont sound slow to them.

Taking the fear out of public speaking

We have looked at some simple techniques to help you control your fears:

  • Prepare your speech using a clear structure
  • Breathe to help control your nerves
  • Think positively about what you will do for your audience
  • Speak more slowly

By incorporating these techniques into your public speaking, you will start to feel more in control of what you are saying and this will help you reduce your fears and increase your confidence.

Public speaking coaching

For most people, becoming more successful at public speaking is a relatively slow and painful process with many never really achieving their true potential.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.  

You can quickly develop these skills with Skillstudio through expert coaching and practice.  And by enhancing your public speaking skills you will be able to develop a much stronger influence on your audiences and reap the business success that goes with that.

To get some coaching in public speaking, click on one of the links below:-

Public Speaking Coaching  – 121 coaching
Public Speaking Courses – Open to members of the public
Public Speaking for Business – In-house training for companies and organisations

Skillstudio also offer public courses, 1-2-1 coaching and in-house training in many aspects of presentation skills and communication skills, including public speaking, vocal skills and body language awareness.

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