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Having the confidence and presentation skills needed to present a powerful and persuasive message are key skills needed by all company executives if they really want to succeed in today’s business environment.  Whether its delivering that all important company pitch, presenting at the next executive board meeting, or motivating and inspiring your team at the next company conference.  But how do you acquire some of these skills in the first place?  Or at least take them to the next level?    In this article we’ll be looking at some techniques to help you achieve more impact when presenting.

Presentation Coaching can really make a difference

Liz Banks - Skillstudio MD If you’re a company executive and want some expert coaching to help you enhance your presentation skills then Skillstudio are there to help. We provide:-

Executive Presentation Coaching
Half day of full day, 121 coaching in business presenting by an expert trainer. Held throughout the UK on a date and time to suit you and tailored exactly to your personal requirements.

Effective Presentation Skills 
These 2-day public courses are held regularly in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh, Glasgow.

Advanced Presentation Coaching
This 2-day Public course is held regularly in Central London.

We can also run our presentation skills courses for your organisation on an in-house basis at your premises throughout the UK and Europe.

Call us today on 08456 444 150 if you want to discuss how our training can help you or your team.

Vocal coaching can increase executive influence

The executive presenter needs to influence their audience through the power of their voice. 

However, even if you are an experienced presenter, you may not be making the most of your voice when you are presenting.  You may feel passionately about your material but this may not be being effectively conveyed through your voice and so your audience is left uninspired.  Three of the most common reasons why this happens are:

  • Your voice might lack variety and be a bit monotone
  • You might be speaking too quickly so people dont always absorb everything
  • or you might lack energy and conviction in your voice

However, the above faults can all be quickly addressed by working with an expert presentation coach. 

Is your body language executive or ordinary?

To make a strong impact on your audience, it’s equally as important for the executive to have a strong presence and use their body language effectively. 

Your stance says a lot about you – so make sure that it is strong, relaxed and engaging.  Negative body language can have an adverse effect on the way your audience sees you and this can reduce your overall credibility. 

Three key areas related to body language that can impact your executive presentations are:-

  • Using eye contact
    We build rapport with people when we make eye contact with them.  So make sure you make eye contact with your audience when you are speaking with them. 
  • Using gestures
    Gesture can help you to enhance your messages and make them more powerful.  It will reflect in your voice which will sound more dynamic and the overall impact will be more powerful and memorable to your audience.
  • Using space to command your audience
    The way you use your space when you present says a lot about you.  The executive presenter who is at ease in their space conveys a strong presence and command over their audience. 

The language of persuasion

The words used in your presentation is also a key factor in helping the executive fully engage with and influence their audience. 

To present your message in a persuasive way you also need to speak in a way that’s easy for your audience to listen to you.  You need to ensure that your presentation uses the spoken word rather than just a written piece of text.  For example:

  • Be informal
    Don’t use overly formal grammar that is technically correct and works well for the written word but will sound stilted to your audience when read out. 
  • Be clear
    Highlight key points to your audience so that they become clear and so that your audience will remember them. 
  • Be creative
    Use creative techniques which help engage with your audience’s imagination and help them to remember your message. 

Executive presentation coaching

There are no hidden secrets to being successful when you present.

You can develop these skills through training and practice. It is worth the investment. By enhancing the ways in which you present and communicate you’ll be able to develop a much stronger influence on your audiences and reap the business success that goes with that.

To get some executive coaching and enhance your presenting, click on one of the links below:-

Executive Presentation Skills Coaching  – 121 coaching
Business Presentation Courses – Open to members of the public
Business Presenting – In-house training for companies and organisations

Skillstudio also offer public courses, 1-2-1 coaching and in-house training in many aspects of presentation skills and communication skills, including public speaking, vocal skills and body language awareness.

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