Job Interview Tips – 2

Got an important job interview coming up?  Want to stand out from the rest of the applicants?  Then have a read through the second part of our two-part article giving you 10 great tips on how to make the right impression at your interview and get the job offer! (A link to the first part of the article is at the end of this article.)

Tip 6 – Preparing for interview questions

Before your interview, brainstorm all the difficult questions you could be asked. 

Write down the questions on prompt cards.  On the reverse side write down the answers you would give. 

Practise the questions and answers so that they become very familiar to you.  The more you practise, the more you will be prepared for them in your interview.  Having prepared answers to hand can help you to avoid any mental blockage which can happen when you are thinking on your feet and under pressure.

Tip 7 – How to answer the ‘Tell me about yourself?’ interview question

This is one of the most common openings in an interview but it is often difficult to think up a well structured response when put on the spot.  The purpose of this question is to give you an opportunity to make a good first impression and say something unique about yourself.  You are not trying to give your life history, just a few interesting facts about yourself to help make the interviewer remember you. 

To prepare beforehand, brainstorm three key things about yourself to use in this question.  e.g.  a recent success, a personal challenge, you main skills/qualities. 

The number 3 tends to be the magic number that people remember things in.  

Tip 8 – Preparing the interview presentation

Create a strong opening to capture the interviewer’s attention and clearly communicate your key message. 

The opening needs to clear and succinct. 

A long rambling opening gives the impression that it is going to be a long rambling presentation. 

Restrict the main body of your presentation to three main sections.  This helps to keep a strong focus.  Each main section is like a mini presentation.  It should have a beginning, middle and end.  This makes it easier to follow and easier to remember.

Ensure the ending is also memorable.  Use the opportunity to re-emphasise your key message.

Tip  9 – Delivering the interview presentation

Apply the voice techniques mentioned earlier – to help you make a confident delivery. 

Remember to use pauses to help you maintain a controlled pace throughout the presentation. 

Learn your opening and ending off by heart to create a strong first and last impression.

Ensure that you stick to the required time limit and that you don’t go over this – this means rehearsing the presentation beforehand so that you are totally comfortable with the material. 

Tip 10 – Leave a lasting impression

Finally – try to enjoy your interview. 

If you look as it you are going to enjoy the experience you will send out the right signals. 

At the end finish confidently with a smile and avoid any apologetic comments even if it hasn’t all gone according to plan.  If you don’t draw attention to these things they are less likely to be noticed.

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