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Many people dread the thought of having to attend a job interview, but with the right preparation it can be your best opportunity to show potential employers why you are the right person for the job.

The skills you display at your job interview play a critical role in whether or not you get that job offer.  And with interviews in short supply given the current economic climate it’s probably never been more important for you to make the right impression and succeed when you have an interivew.

It’s all about attitude

Being successful in an interview has as much to do with the attitude that you go in with as what you say. If you think that the interview is about catching you out and finding out what you can’t do, then you are more than likely going to fail.

The real reason for the interview process is to give you the interviewee, the platform to demonstrate your abilities, capabilities, credentials and talents. There is a certain amount of self promotion needed here.

There is no question that humility and modesty are admirable qualities. However, these very admirable qualities also can be stumbling blocks on the road to success. There are so many talented people whose skills, achievements, and potential go undiscovered due to their desire to remain modest.

Through the proper use of self-promotion and understanding of modesty, one can remain both humble and modest while being recognised for your achievements and talents.

Putting some flesh on the bones

Put your self in the interviewer’s position for a moment. If you wanted to employ someone, wouldn’t you want to know as much about them as possible before you make the decision? You can only gain a very basic idea of what someone is like from their CV, it is really only a few pieces of the human jigsaw. At best, it provides the interviewer with a basic skeletal frame-work; it is during the interview that you have your chance to fill in the missing pieces.

If you were faced with 2 potential candidates who seemed pretty equal, you are more likely to choose the candidate who can express themselves with clarity and confidence and takes a certain amount of pride in what they have accomplished. If you are not prepared to tell the interviewer what you have achieved then the interviewer will never know.

No one ever won a job based on what they didn’t talk about.

The 3 Cs of your job interview

If you demonstrate your skills in the 3 Cs of interview, then you are well on the way to fulfilling most interviewers’ major requirements:


This is where you show the interviewer that you have the technical skills and expertise that are required. Don’t just talk about your aptitude in theory; find examples or stories that prove that you can do the job effectively. Use your past achievements to demonstrate that you have experience and initiative required.


How you come across to the interviewer is a vital skill. The more genuine you are the more likely the interviewer is to like and trust you. It is much more enjoyable talking to someone who is confident in who they are and comfortable about what they have to say, as opposed to having to continually ask questions to extricate all the information out of them. Most of us would prefer to work with someone who is open, warm and friendly.

First impression count, so working on your tone, facial expressions, posture and body language can go a long way to enhancing your interview skills, making the right impact, and make you feel more confident.


After spending so much time, money and effort trying to find the right person for the role, an employer will want to believe that you are going to be fully committed to the job. It is your responsibility to demonstrate to the interviewer your enthusiasm and desire to work for their organisation. Make sure that you have done your homework and know as much about the organisation and work requirements as possible. If you really want the post you will make the effort to find out.

The interviewer will also wants to feel that you are there for the long-haul and not just using them as a temporary stepping stone to other things. Although, it never does any harm to express your interest in personal development and what opportunities they can provide within their organisation.

Interviews are not just for the interviewer to find out about you, it is your chance to find out more from them. Never be afraid to ask them questions, as this again demonstrates your interest and confidence.

Communication is key

Interviews are all about building relationships and building relationships are all about communication.

Excellent communication skills are vital to your interview success.

So make sure that you can communicate all the elements that makes you the right person for the job.

About the author of this Job Interview Skills Article

James - Skillstudio media coach


This article was written by James, one of Skillstudio’s consultant trainers. 

James is based in London, is an excellent trainer; and runs many of our job interview skills; presentation skills; and media training sessions (from 1-2-1 coaching and small group courses through to Masterclasses). 

Read more about James’ bio here.

Convince the interviewer you’re the best candidate for the job

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