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Job Interview Skills

Many people dread the thought of having to attend a job interview, but with the right preparation it can be your best opportunity to show potential employers why you are the right person for the job.

The skills you display at your job interview play a critical role in whether or not you get that job offer.  And with interviews in short supply given the current economic climate it’s probably never been more important for you to make the right impression and succeed when you have an interivew. Read more »

Job Interview Questions and Answers

Many people when faced with an important job interview panic because they dont really know how to answer many of the likely questions they will be asked on the day. Simply put, their interview skills are poor. Some of them spend lots of time trying to memorise the set answers they have found on websites which claim to provide the perfect answer – only to discover that the interviewers can see through these answers very quickly. Others will simply try to wing it – thinking it will be all right on the day – often with disasterous results!

A few people however, will have invested time and effort beforehand, researching the likely interview questions thoroughly; analysing how best to answer these questions using lots of relevant examples; and then by practising their answers, start to develop the skills needed to really “think on their feet”.  And when they are faced with the actual interview, they are much better prepared; more likely to present themselves in the best possible light … and stand a far better chance of getting the job offer.  And so can you if you Read more »

How To Prepare for Interview Questions & Answers

For some people an interview can feel so daunting that they’d rather not think about it beforehand but hope that they can wing it on the day. But if you just rely on leaving it to luck you are more likely to be affected by nerves and a lack of confidence. It is therefore important to prepare thoroughly so that you can present yourself as professionally as possible. Read more »

Interview Techniques for Success

Like many people, you may have an interview coming up.  Its great to be asked for an interview.  But it can also be a daunting experience especially if its for a job that you really want.  You may know our subject very well, have a good level of experience and have done your research. But, the ability to perform well on the day can often be hampered by nervous tension. However, you can learn some simple techniques to help to control your nerves and appear more confident on the day.

Read more »

Common Interview Questions

An interview can be a daunting experience – especially if you haven’t had much practice recently. To help you control your nerves it is worthwhile preparing for common questions that you may get asked. But what are the most common  and sometimes the most difficult interview questions?

Read more »

Job Interview Tips – 2

Got an important job interview coming up?  Want to stand out from the rest of the applicants?  Then have a read through the second part of our two-part article giving you 10 great tips on how to make the right impression at your interview and Read more »

Job Interview Tips – 1

Got an important job interview coming up?  Want to stand out from the rest of the applicants?  Then have a read through the first of this two-part article giving you 10 great tips on how to make the right impression at your interview and Read more »

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