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Training Feedback – September 2012

“A really hands-on training session. Helen was great at tailoring the course to each of our needs and found the right balance between individual and group work. A must do for all who need a little bit of extra confidence and tools for better presenting.”
Aida, ADS Insight SPRL (EPS  Sep 2012) 

 “Helen made something I was dreading into something very positive and enjoyable. In terms of the confidence I have gained it has surpassed my expectations. Excellent – well worth attending.”
Judith, CNRI (EPS Sep 2012) 

“The trainer was intuitive and identified the very mechanics required to improve my vocal delivery. Revealing and useful techniques for effective vocal delivery.”
Christian, Bank of America Merrill Lynch (PVI  Sep 2012) 

“Very interactive, lots of room for discussion, open minded towards questions, fun, built a lovely and safe environment to learn in. “
Tracie , Future Electronics (SBL Sep 2012) 

 “Very helpful, given me confidence and very useful! Practical skills to take away. Broken down the ‘mystique’ of giving a presentation into something that now seems well within my capabilities.”
Sally, Cambridge Assessment (FPS Sep 2012) 

“Marcia was very good in helping to understand more and I learn how to be confident. Interesting and useful.”
Sarah, Village Vet (ECS Sep 2012) 

“I feel more confident,prepared and relaxed. Improved voice projection and delivery. Helped with nerves. Empowering.”
Juila, The Creator’s Exchange (FPS  Sep 2012) 

“Trainer had excellent knowledge and was very effective in communicating examples/methods. Very productive.” 
Gordon, Bytes Software Servicies (EPS  Sep 2012) 

“Very good course. I have learned a lot from it and I believe that if I practice with the techniques I learned I can do very good presentations.”
Farhan, LB Newham (EPS Sep 2012)  

“I got what I wanted out of it. Very helpful to build confidence. Very useful to start mastering presentations.”
Sebastien (FPS Sep 2012) 

“Takes you out of your comfort zone very early so you don’t have time to get worried. Scary but very helpful.”
James, Espresso Education (FPS Sep [2012) 

“Seeing myself interview was extremely useful and some of the techniques were very useful.”
Victoria (EIS Sep 2012) 

“I found it very useful and it should help me with future job interviews. Worth the money, if you want to increase your interview skills then come!”
Daniel (EIS Sep 2012) 

“Excellent feedback and useful practice sessions, particularly the complimentary question quitting! Practical, useful and creative.”
Alex (EIS Sep 2012) 

 “Very Patient and feedback was excellent. It felt like a one to one session. I would definitely recommend it, the course immediately improves your skills.”
Ovan (FPS Sep 2012)








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