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Training Feedback – September 2011

“Really helped build confidence and work on the areas where we had weaknesses. I have come out of the course feeling much more prepared for my next presentation and aware of my development needs. Insightful, educational and very useful.”
Deborah, Finlay Beverages Limited (EPS Sep 2011) 

“Good balance between theory and practice sessions. Feedback is really key and helped a lot to progress. Very friendly group. Good sharing of examples. Benefit from the comments others made. Very useful.”
Emmanuel, Nestle UK (PPS Sep 2011) 

“Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer who I was able to connect with instantly. The techniques practiced made a difference in my presentation by the end of the day. Ideal group size. Superb!”
Tim, BIS (EIS Sep 2011) 

“I picked up some very useful skills, that I believe will make a real difference in delivering really powerful presentations in the future. Very beneficial in all areas. I would encourage others to attend”
Tim, Softsols Group (EPS Sep 2011) 

“Well structured course with a good level of interaction/workshops. Not death by powerpoint/theory! Good flow and pace of content.”
Sagar, Actavis UK (PPS Sep 2011) 

“Excellent course. Quality feedback with essential focus on whats required to gain vocal impact. Excellent.”
Mike, First Drinks Brands Ltd (PVI Sep 2011) 

“Excellent day – communication feedback and advice on how improvement can be had.”
Christopher, General Dynamics UK Ltd (ECS Sep 2011) 

 “Very interactive, very helpful and thought the mini presentations were very useful. Definitely worth attending and will recommend to other colleagues/friends.”
Nabila, XL Joinery Ltd (EPS Sep 2011) 

 “Well planned and delivered. Great pace, with plenty of occasions to practice. Very beneficial.”
Adam, G’s Marketing (EPS Sep 2011) 

 “Robin is a very likeable and very complimentary individual. Really good at helping you develop your strengths and improve your weaknesses.”
Roanita, Association of Colleges (EPS Sep 2011) 

“A good platform for developing presentation skills. Will help identify deficiencies in ones presentation and help tackle them.”
Ladi, Counsel (PPS Sep 2011) 

“Enjoyable as well as very informative. A very nice course for the beginners. “
Adnan (FPS Sep 2011)

“Very informative/useful. Technique suggestions work very well. Booklet is very useful.”
Declan (FPS Sep 2011) 

“Feel a lot more confident about presenting after the class. Worth doing – even if it is just for a confidence boost!” 
Fiona (FPS Sep 2011) 

 “Great introduction to reviewing your presentation skills and understanding areas for improvement.”
Ama (FPS Sep 2011) 

“I found the voice techniques/body language extremely useful as they completely altered my interview technique. Extremely informative, beneficial and proactive to interview technique.”
Laura (EIS Sep 2011)








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