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Training Feedback – Q4 2015

“Superb workshop.  Superbly formatted and completely fulfilled my expectations.  Sandra was very personable and extremely knowledgeable.”
Gary, Sofaworks, (FPS Nov 2015)

“Very helpful and would highly recommend.”
Annie, (EIS Oct 2015)

“Informative, inspiring, engaging, encouraging.”
Leanne, Thomas Vale, (FPS Oct 2015)

“Informative and helpful going forward.” 
Tom, (EIS Oct 2015) 

“Incredibly useful for not only interviews but how to put yourself across to others.”
Alice, (EIS Oct 2015) 

“I found this workshop very positive.  Kate makes everyone feel at ease and provided useful extra information to help the participants.”
Fiona, (EIS Oct 2015)

“Excellent, enjoyed all of it and very useful.” 
Nicola, (EIS Oct 2015)

“Insightful.  Kate made me feel comfortable.  Feedback was constructive.” 
Rachel, Tokio Marine Kiln Group Limited, (EPS Oct 2015)

“Very intensive and allowing to absorb new knowledge and techniques quickly.” 
Anna, CASCO Europe, (EPS Oct 2015)

“Engaging, good starting point for delivering presentations.”
Sonia, Prospects Services, (FPS Oct 2015)

“Informative, clear, sense of confidence came through.”  
Karen, Lantra, (FPS Oct 2015)

“Very useful.”
Nadine, Panintelligence, (FPS Oct 2015)   

“Very good, very good trainer, very knowledgeable.”
Julie, York Carers Centre, (FPS Oct 2015)

“Really interactive, practical and personable.  It was great to get such specific 1-2-1 feedback to help develop our skills.” 
Elisa, (FPS Nov 2015)

“A very useful day and a good learning environment.”
Claire, Dawbell Ltd, (FPS Nov 2015)

“A really fun and interesting course to learn tips and techniques to improve presentation skills.”  
Jane, (EPS Dec 2015)

“Engaging, informative and practical.  In some respects going back to basics.”
Vicki, (EPS Dec 2015)   

“Very interesting. Perfect as an introduction.”
Ryan, Severn Trent, (FPS Dec 2015)

“This is the first workshop where I have really found it useful.  I felt I’ve learnt so much that will help me become a better presenter.  Justine had a beautiful way about her teaching that I felt inspiring.” 
Rebecca, Vectric Limited, (FPS Dec 2015)

“Surprised me how it was exactly what I was looking for to better myself.  Also it has solidified my need to stop beating myself up as I seem to do a good job.”
Sean, Vectric Limited (FPS Dec 2015)









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