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Training Feedback – Q4 2014

“Really useful skills and tips learnt.  Very happy that we had to put into practice what we learnt.  Excellent theory and even better practice.  Fabulous workshop!”
Toby, (FPS Oct 2014)

“Best training workshop I have been on.  Very helpful.”
Ian, (EPS Oct 2014)

“Absolutely fantastic!  My fear has gone and ready to take on future presentations.  Andrew has put so much time and effort  into making me feel comfortable and removing my fear of public speaking which has troubled me for years.  I would 100% recommend to a friend and will be doing.  So so happy with the outcome and Andrew is a fantastic instructor. “
Edward, (FPS Nov 2014)

“Really good, confidence boosting and providing practise at presenting in a comfortable way.” 
Courtney, (FPS Oct 2014) 

“A great way to overcome fears and anxieties.  A friendly environment where I’ve come out better than I went in.”
Malcolm, (FPS Oct 2014) 

“We covered a range of communication skills and techniques that I feel I can take away and actually implement in my work/life.  Julia is an excellent trainer.”
Joe, Building Societies Association (ECS Oct 2014)

“Effective workshop with  a lot of practice sessions which are helping understanding the areas that you need to work on to be a more effective speaker.  Very good delivery of the course from Julia.  She has a great energy and approach.” 
Alexandra, LogiKal Projects, (ECS Oct 2014)

“Informative and very useful.” 
Batcho, (SBL Oct 2014)

“I really enjoyed the workshop.  I learnt a lot and had fun learning.  Great trainer.” 
Tracey, (EPS Oct 2014)

“I’ve left the workshop feeling very satisfied that I’ve received good value for money.  I have gained a platform to move forward with.”
Paul, (FPS Nov 2014)

Mike, ENR Global (FPS Nov 2014)

“Very good, I would recommend it to my friends.  I feel I learned a great deal today.”
David, (FPS Nov 2014)   

“Informal, useful and recommended.”
Gavin, (ECS Nov 2014)

“Fun, interesting and a good way of learning skills.” 
Tim, (ECS Nov 2014)

“This workshop was very informative, humorous which made it very enjoyable.”
Claire, (FPS Nov 2014)

Debbie, (FPS Nov 2014)

“Helped ease nerves, gave good techniques, laid back atmosphere.”
David, (FPS Nov 2014)   

“Really enjoyed the course.  Interactive, informal, fun, useful informative.”
Julie, R3 Polygon, (PPS Nov 2014)

“It was very helpful and insightful 2 day workshop.  Julia is very knowledgeable about the subject and her tone and delivery was excellent.” 
Jason, Lend Lease, (PPS Nov 2014)

“Very well structured, good teacher and learnt a lot of new things and techniques.”
Joanna, (FPS Nov 2014)

“Very helpful course.  Very useful tips on making presentations which I’ll take away.”  
Sheery, (FPS Dec 2014)

“Very inspiring and useful for helping to channel your focus in presentations  A great way to boost your confidence and authority.”
Laura, (FPS Dec 2014)   









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