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Training Feedback – Q3 2015

“It was amazing.  I learnt good communication skills.  I would recommend to my friends.”
Tatheer, (ECS Sep 2015)

“Structured – well laid out and formatted.  Each section builds on the last.  As a delegate I could feel my progression.  Wonderful and talented trainer.”
Eammon, DMW Group Ltd, (PPS Sep 2015)

“Andrew was fantastic.  Incredibly perceptive comments and feedback.  I saw all the delegates improve a great deal over the two days.  Felt like a safe environment to learn in.”
Charlie, The Building Societies Association, (EPS Aug 2015)

“Well presented, good feedback on how to feel more comfortable.” 
Stephen, TACE (ECS Sep 2015) 

“Very relevant to my job role.  I can take away what I’ve learnt and apply it to day to day tasks.”
Damian, TACE (ECS Sep 2015) 

“Sandra is easy to talk to which helped greatly when being involved in the tasks.  She highlighted straight away where I go wrong.  Enjoyable, went quickly.  Good group to work with.”
Fred, (ECS Sep 2015)

“It’s a great workshop where you will learn how to structure your sentences, use body language and gesture.” 
Asla, (EIS Sep 2015)

“Very valuable experience.  Being recorded is invaluable.  The feedback from the trainer was something I couldn’t have gained from a book.” 
David, (EIS Sep 2015)

“More than worth the investment.  You are guaranteed to get some great skills.” 
James, SecureData, (EPS Jul 2015)

“Great trainer, great group.  We all progressed so much in such a short amount of time.  Thank you.”
Michael, Peopletoo, (EPS Jul 2015)

“Very practical, lots of useful tips.  Liked how there was opportunity to put into practice what we had learned.”  
Laura, Kogan Page, (EPS Jul 2015)

“A good practical course to hone your skills.”
Tom. DMW Group Ltd, (EPS Jul 2015)   

“Excellent, an opportunity to better yourself.”
Rajiv, (EPS Sep 2015)

“Great and recommended.” 
Bala, (EPS Sep 2015)

“Well worth two days to really think about your message and delivery when presenting.”
David, Lake District Estates, (EPS Jul 2015)

“Very useful to understand how to present effectively.  Good techniques for how to combat nerves.”  
Jack, BMG Research, (EPS Jul 2015)

“A huge help for somebody who has any fears about talking in front of a group of people.”
Joe, (FPS Aug 2015)   

“Fantastic, feel much more confident.”
Susan, Bounville Village Trust, (FPS Aug 2015)

“Its open and honest and informal – it applies pressure but gently in a supportive group.” 
Linda, Witherby Publishing Group Ltd, (FPS Aug 2015)

“It was quite impressive.  The practical sessions were great!”
Roseline, MTech Communications (PPS Sep 2015)









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