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Training Feedback – Q2 2016

“Very engaging.  Covered everything I needed to know.  Helped me become more confident in presentations.  Excellent course!”
Nick, East Herts Council, (EPS Apr 2016)

“The most enjoyable and personally challenging course I have ever had. Julia is an excellent coach and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to have been able to transform how I present.”
Kathryn, Integra Associates, (PPS Apr 2016)

“I though the workshop was great, very relevant and hands on.  I learnt a lot about myself and where I need to improve.”
Melanie, O3b Networks, (ECS Apr 2016)

“A great way to gain more confidence.”
Michelle, LF Europe Limited, (ECS Apr 2016) 

“Informative, fun.”
Matt, Add Wills Ltd, (ECS Apr 2016)

“Great exercises and the theory, very helpful and easy to understand, very enthusiastic and professional trainer.”
Marta, Texel Finance Ltd, (ECS Apr 2016)

“Opportunity to learn about communication and get immediate personalised feedback.”
Robert, TPS Consult, (ECS Apr 2016)

“Found learning from not just my own feedback but from others was incredibly helpful.”
Max, (EIS Apr 2016)

“I really learned a lot from this training and enjoyed the exercises.  I feel I benefited from learning how to ‘breathe’ and posture and body language sessions.”
Catherine, (EIS Apr 2016)

“A great way to enhance your communication skills, body language and confidence all in one with the added techniques of acing your interview!”
David, (EIS Apr 2016)

“Trainer and other participants gave full commitment and energy to the workshop.”
Steven, Yazaki, (EPS Apr 2016)

“A course  that is aimed at all levels and very much about doing rather than the theory which is what I need.”
Charlie, Damart, (EPS Mar 2016)   

“Very good, recommended.”
Lee, (EPS Mar 2016)

“Great and very useful”
Mike, LUPC, (EPS Mar 2016)

“The techniques on breathing and presentation structure were really useful.”
Sharon, Crimestoppers Trust, (FPS Jun 2016)

“It’s great try it.  It gives you what you need.”
Tony, (FPS Jun 2016)

“Very useful, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.”
Richard, Mercian Labels Limited, (FPS Jun 2016)   

“Very good, confidence booster, interactive day.”
Tom, (FPS Jun 2016)

“Surprisingly good/highly recommended.”
Tim, Mercian Labels Limited (FPS Jun 2016)

“Interactive, skill based learning.”
Gareth, Billerudkorsnas, (FPS Apr 2016)

“Really great workshop with lots of practice.”
Emilia, Troy Foods Ltd, (FPS Apr 2016)

“Very good and well worthwhile. Will suit all levels and anyone will get something out of it.”
Jonathan, Galliford Try Infrastructure, (FPS Apr 2016)   

“Practical and very useful. Given me more confidence.”
Judith, (FPS Apr 2016)

“Interesting and motivating workshop. Good course content well delivered in calm and relaxed environment. I definitely feel more equipped to develop and present information”
Christine, (FPS Apr 2016)

“The best days training I’ve ever done. Practical advice you put into practice on the day.”
Stephanie, (FPS Jun 2016)

“Very useful and practical.”
Helen, (FPS Jun 2016)

“Well paced and thorough. Enjoyable day that has enabled me to feel more confident when presenting.”
Paul, (FPS Jun 2016)   

Mathew, (FPS Jun 2016)

“Very useful/helpful. Great training session, lots of great tips.”
Haylee, (FPS May 2016)

“Great for beginners, would recommend.”
Dean, (FPS May 2016)

“I will recommend it. It is a good start point to get the background to improve and ground in these skills.”
Estibaliz, Lilly UK, (FPS Apr 2016)

“It helped me to improve my confidence level and the group feedback and support made me feel so comfortable.”
Muhammad, (FPS Apr 2016)

“Practical examples and ways to improve confidence and manner when presenting.”
Alice, (FPS Apr 2016)

“Perfect balance between theory and practice.”
Alberto, (PPS Apr 2016)

“Dynamic and engaging.  A really safe environment to explore interview technique.”
Andrea, (EIS Apr 2016)

“Thought provoking; fun; challenging in terms of the personal stretch, very worthwhile!”
Martin, (PPS Apr 2016)









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