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Training Feedback – Q1 2016

“Fun, engaging and effective.”
Liz, (EPS Jan 2016)

“Fantastic, well worth it.”
Daniel, Totemic (EPS Jan 2016)

“Fantastic – An excellent way to really practise in front of colleagues”
Jeanette, Damart, (EPS Mar 2016)

“Very helpful, lots to learn, user friendly handouts and experienced trainer.” 
Riaz, (ECS Jan 2016) 

“Very useful.”
Fenton, (ECS Jan 2016) 

“Essential for anybody associated with public speaking.  An enjoyable day and  a huge confidence boost”
Jessica, Hilton Hotels, (FPS Jan 2016)

“Really interactive and hands on.  Bit of theory but more practical – best use of time.” 
Rachel, Jar London, (FPS Jan 2016)

“Very helpful if you have an interview coming up.” 
Harry, (EIS Jan 2016)

“It was very good and the coach was extremely helpful and good at what she does.” 
Olubusola, (EIS Jan 2016)

“I found it very helpful.  It made me aware of what I needed to improve.”
Daniella, (EIS Jan 2016)

“Really helpful I would highly recommend it.”  
Rosie, (EIS Jan 2016)

“A course  that is aimed at all levels and very much about doing rather than the theory which is what I need.”
Charlie, Damart, (EPS Mar 2016)   

“Very good, recommended.”
Lee, (EPS Mar 2016)

“Great and very useful” 
Mike, LUPC, (EPS Mar 2016)

“Very well structured course with various exercises.  Two very complete days.”
Alexandre, (EPS Jan 2016)

“After two days in the classroom I feel more confident in presenting- it was one of my main goals. Very satisfied.”  
Artur, (EPS Jan 2016)

“An excellent workshop with fantastic opportunities to develop skills and strategies to improve on our practice.”
Kim, (EPS Jan 2016)   

“Full package. Learning how ‘personal’ behaviour and attitude affects presentation skills, how they are used and improved.”
Michael, CGI, (PPS Jan 2016)

“Excellent opportunity to practise in a safe environment.” 
Darshan, Welsh Government, (PPS Jan 2016)

“Fantastic opportunity to learn about yourself and bring positivity to others without imposing”
David,(SBL Mar 2016)









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