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Training Feedback – Q1 2015

“A great opportunity to learn about yourself and develop advanced presentation skills.”
Robin, (PPS Mar 2015)

“Excellent intensive course, with loads of useful tips and strategies.  Also plenty of practice in selling oneself.  Excellent.”
Lucilla, (EIS Jan 2015)

“Fun and useful from the start.  I immediately started to relax and realise the day was going to be very worthwhile!”
Sally, (FPS Jan 2015)

“I found the workshop very good.  Helpful and useful tips.” 
Yasir, Trend Control Systems, (FPS Jan 2015) 

“Very useful and knowledgeable.”
Erin, (EIS Jan 2015) 

“Feel a lot better about going to an interview.  Feel like I will be able to control my nerves.  Very worthwhile.”
Rhiannon, (EIS Jan 2015)

“I was excited to return.  Happy to stay until the end.  Glad for the regular practice sessions.  Dynamic, not your usual workshop.” 
Charlene, (EPS Jan 2015)

“The workshop was fantastic and offered invaluable practice.” 
Lindsay, (EPS Jan 2015)

“Very well presented course, well paced and extremely useful to me.” 
David, (ECS Jan 2015)

“Well worth it!”
Jerry, Islington Council, (ECS Jan 2015)

“Good fast paced, with plenty of advice from trainer.”  
Dave, (FPS Feb 2015)

“Enjoyable learning environment.”
Steve, (FPS Feb 2015)   

“Made to feel really comfortable.  Very engaging and knowledgeable trainer.”
Vicki, (FPS Feb 2015)

“Constructive, Followed natural steps, logical order to training.” 
Stuart, MGF Gutsche & Co GmbH (EPS Feb 2015)

“100% worthwhile!”
Dan, Pinnacle MC Global, (EPS Feb 2015)

“Personal, challenging, engaged and passionate feedback – specific to individuals.”  
Joe, James & Wilkinson Media (EPS Feb 2015)

“Very interactive, enjoyable and thought provoking workshop.  I took a lot away with me.”
Scott, Pyrford International Ltd, (EPS Feb 2015)   

“Making a huge difference in just 2 days!  Recommend to anyone.”
Sarah, The Building Societies Association, (EPS Feb 2015)

“Really good course for people who are petrified of speaking.  It provides valuable feedback both positive and negative and provides real practice.” 
Clare, Equiniti, (FPS Feb 2015)

“Very useful, good content and practice session good.”
Lorna, (FPS Feb 2015)

“A great introduction to vocal impact training – you will be able to take these fundamental learning points wherever you go.”  
Hugo, (PVI, Feb 2015)

“Excellent, well worth the investment.”
David, Kodak, (FPS Mar 2015)   

“Excellent.  I have really enjoyed the whole experience.  Andrew made the day fun and interesting and gave me the confidence going forward.”
Martine, Spire Wellesley Hospital, (FPS Mar 2015)   

“I was dreading this course but Andrew made it very enjoyable and I gained a lot from today.  I would definitely recommend this workshop.”
Shirley, Spire Wellesley Hospital, (FPS Mar 2015)

“It was very interactive and the pace was excellent.” 
Donna, TPP Recruitment Limited, (SBL Mar 2015)

“Very good – interesting, fun, useful skills for everyday life, practical.”
Clare, Liberty Property Trust UK Ltd, (ECS Mar 2015)

“A fantastic opportunity to better your public speaking in a safe environment at the correct pace.”  
Lydia, (FPS, Mar 2015)

“Interesting and worth attending.”
Penny, (FPS Mar 2015)   

“Very engaging, useful techniques, friendly trainer.”
Yolanda, (FPS Mar 2015)   

“A good opportunity to get experience presenting to a small group and identify the basics of presentations.”
Helen, (FPS Mar 2015)

“Very impressive!” 
Matt, (ECS Feb 2015)









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