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Training Feedback – October 2012

“Good to keep making us get up and practice, practice, practice! Excellent to then have feedback and then move on to learn additional skills to improve each time – so helpful! Highly interactive; positive and energetic approach to learn such an important and practical skill with an enthusiastic and understanding trainer – thanks Andrew!”
Stephanie, Duke Global (EPS Oct 2012) 

“Fantastic and enthusiastic trainer. Intelligent exercises and feedback. Very useful and should be mandatory for all to attend.”
Sarah, Kinapse (ECS Oct 2012) 

“Very practical and extremely useful. Mike’s anecdotes and practical experience brought the presentation to life and made it extremely enjoyable. I’ve learnt so much! One of the best workshops I’ve been on.”
Chris, URENCO UK Ltd (EPS Oct 2012) 

“Kate was excellent at identify areas for us to improve on and helped us to focus on body and voice that are covered in presenting. I have come away with practical skills that will help me everyday and not just when it comes to presenting. Very good practice for anyone who presents.”
Sarah, CDP (FPS Oct 2012) 

“The workshop was quite practical in nature. It helped to isolate the grey areas and provide measures to improve. Enlightening and engaging.”
Syed (EIS Oct 2012)

“Fantastic! Great sessions, plenty to learn and also practice at home. The course was made fun, accelerating learning. You should go!”
Charlie, Patapsco Communications (EPS Oct 2012) 

“Very good practical exercises. Interesting background information explaining physical reactions of the human body when faced with public presentation. An effective way to improve communication skills.”
Tobias (EPS Oct 2012) 

“Trainer is absolutely fabulous and very knowledgeable. Helen is very experienced and has taught me a lot. Fantastic.”
Maiko, Toshiba Medical Systems (EPS Oct 2012)

“Marcia tried to give as much help as possible with great detail and intelligence. She opened up my mind to several communication techniques.”
 Wing, NHS Direct (ECS Oct 2012) 

“The workshop was very effective and presented in a good manner. This will help me in my workplace to communicate more effectively.”
Saleem, Lidco Ltd (ECS Oct 2012) 

“Excellent trainer, very patient and gave great feedback. I feel like I could talk what I have learnt and really implement it into presentations.”
Nicola (FPS Oct 2012)   

“Great interaction between course trainer and participants. Felt at ease and able to approach. Good use of techniques. A great interactive workshop.”
Rehana (FPS Oct 2012) 

“I found the course to be well structured and informative. I have re-ignited my presentation passions and will be taking what I have learnt forwards.”
James (EPS Oct 2012)  

“Great. The workshop is good and I would recommend it to anyone!”
Mark, Lupprians (FPS Oct 2012) 

“Thoroughly enjoyable. Useful, Worthwhile, fun, energizing and motivating.”
Danny, RESON A/S (EPS Oct 2012) 








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