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Training Feedback – November 2013

“I enjoyed the workshop and feel that I have gained new skills and knowledge.  The trainer, the content, the location and the group were all great.”
Joanne, Duplo International Ltd (FPS Nov 2013) 

“An amazing day with a lot to gain in one session, good structure and support and guidance throughout.”
Kalpa, Chevron, (FPS Nov 2013)

“Really made me face up to an intense fear I had, gave my confidence a massive boost.  Incredible, so confidence boosting and fantastic.” 
Laura, (EPS Nov 2013)

“Steve has provided me with some great advice and skills which has made me feel more confident in communicating in every situation.”
Emma, (ECS Nov 2013) 

“Fun and worth attending and a very nice and comfortable to be around trainer.”
Emma, (ECS Nov 2013) 

“Really great, engaging and tailored to your personal needs.”
Bobby, (EIS Nov 2013)

“I could really see improvements in my delivery as a result of the training and all the syllabus items were things that were relevant and things that would make significant improvements to my delivery.”
Steve, (EPS Nov 2013)

“Excellent to practice the skills and improve the confidence and body language to become a good presenter.”
 Sara, (FPS Nov 2013)

 “I feel this was a worthwhile workshop as I came here with no presentation experience but feel confident in my own ability now if I ever require these skills.”
Gary, (FPS Nov 2013)

“Useful, engaging, flexible to individual needs.”
Kirstie, (FPS Nov 2013)

“Enjoyed the pace of the workshop.  Even though I was nervous the trainer was able to make the session comfortable.  I now feel that I have gained the skills to present confidently.”
 Paulette, Vennershipley LLP, (FPS Nov 2013)

“Engaging and informative.”
Emma, (FPS Nov 2013) 

“I thought it was very well structured.  Very informative and liked the high level of participation.” 
Duncan, Xeikon, (FPS Nov 2013)

Jess (FPS Nov 2013)

“Fun, interactive, made enjoyable by a passionate coach.”
Michael, E A Gibson Shipbrokers Limited, (FPS Nov 2013)  

“It was excellent.”
Rob, (FPS Nov 2013) 

“Good fun, valuable insight into vocal techniques.”
Gary, Roche Products Ltd (PVI Nov 2013)

“Informative, interactive, practical tips and advise.”
Pranoti, (PVI Nov 2013)









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