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Training Feedback – November 2010

“All the elements were explained and brought to life through exercises and role plays.  Very interactive session and feedback given was very helpful.  Excellent course that I would definitely recommend.  The trainer was very clear, articulate, and friendly and made us all realise which aspects of communication we could improve.”
Caroline, RBS, (ECS Nov 2010)

“I felt it was very good.  An excellent trainer and very enjoyable.  I feel I have got a lot from this today.  Thank you.”
Joanne, MACH Recruitment Services, (FPS Nov 2010)

“I found it excellent and the trainer was wonderful and made me feel very comfortable.  Great tips and ideas – a motivating workshop.  This will tell you what you didn’t know about yourself.”
Adriane, (FPS Nov 2010)

“Good delivery and practical.  Useful and helpful.”
Laofe, Hillsgate Ventures Ltd, (ECS Nov 2010)

“Practical and productive.  Very useful for indentifying your own style and how to move forward with new skills.”
Jonathan, Paxton, (ECS Nov 2010)

“Well trained instructor, small class size and good pace.”
Martyn, RBS, (ECS Nov 2010)

“Lots of positive interaction.  The trainer was good facilitator and had a broad range of understanding beyond the course material.  Interesting and educational.”
Bryan, St John’s Hyde Park, (ECS Nov 2010)

“The trainer was excellent and made the experience enjoyable and beneficial.  Extremely beneficial for those who want to improve presentation skills.”
Julio, (FPS Nov 2010)

“Not boring (very important) and critical points presented in a structured way one can learn from.  An effective interesting and fun workshop.”
Fred, (FPS Nov 2010)

“The trainer was extremely likable, clear and gave constructive feedback.  She brought out the confidence in people.  Worthwhile, for all areas of life, not just work.”
Angela, (FPS Nov 2010)

“Sometimes simple and obvious things are the most difficult to deliver.  The workshop helped me to see those simple things and work on them.  Funny and useful.”
Alessandro, (FPS Nov 2010)

“Very good skill development course.  I really liked the workshop structure.  Very useful workshop for those wanting presenting skill development.”
Daniele, (FPS Nov 2010)

“First class workshop and felt relaxed from the first minute.  I see a real improvement in just one day.”
Jason, (FPS Nov 2010)

“I think it is an excellent course for someone without interviewing skills.  I feel a whole lot better about facing an interview.  Thanks to the trainer.  It was a great confidence building experience.  It has application beyond a job situation and can be applied to public presentations.”
Winston, Notting Hill Housing Trust, (EIS Nov 2010)

“Very good and helped take problems head on.  Engaging and doesn’t make you feel bad for getting things wrong.  A very good and informative course, recommendable to all.”
Xavier, National Housing Federation, (EIS Nov 2010)

“Found watching yourself on video very useful, made me think about how I don’t want to be seen in interviews.  A way of becoming more confident in interviews and learn from the trainer and other people’s experiences.”
Matt, (EIS Nov 2010)

“The practical work, e.g. body language, was excellent and the trainer’s ability to capture your imagination made the days pass very quickly.  Hard work and challenging, but very rewarding.”
Laura, (EPS Nov 2010)

“The course was amazing; the transformation in everybody was incredible.  Not only good for presentations, it boosts confidence and teaches life skills – go on it!”
Alison, (EPS Nov 2010)

“Very informative and useful and able to relate it all to the workplace.  Worthwhile and enlightening.”
Graham, (EPS Nov 2010)

“Constant pace and interesting.  Dynamic and engaging.”
Martyn, (EPS Nov 2010)

“It made me more aware of my own body language and the volume of my voice.  Now I have greater awareness and some exercises to use during my presentations.”
Joanne, (EPS Nov 2010)

“Unlike other course I have done before this really works – a different approach with results you can really see after the two days.  The course to attend!”
Catherine, (EPS Nov 2010)

“Hugely interesting and informative.  The trainer really pushed us all as a group.  Enjoyed the day and feel more confident about dealing with small and large meetings.”
Mark, Belhaven Pubs, (ECS Nov 2010)

“Fantastic introduction to presentation skills.  Great trainer who made the course interesting, enjoyable and the time went quickly.”
Stan, Actavis, (PPS Nov 2010)

“Very interactive and useful personal feedback plus suggestions on how to achieve the improvements.  Thanks – I really enjoyed it and learned from it.”
Heike, Wipro Consulting Services, (PPS Nov 2010)

“The trainer made me feel very comfortable.  Very useful.”
Sajid, Actavis, (PPS Nov 2010)

“Engaging trainer, good example of how we should speak, present, behave etc.  Interesting and helpful content.”
Kathrin, Actavis, (PPS Nov 2010)

“It was very structured but not overwhelming.  Provided very good tips on what makes a good presentation and how you should structure a presentation.  Good workshop.”
Kirsteen, (FPS Nov 2010)

“Excellent, felt very relaxed and made to feel comfortable.”
Conrad, (FPS Nov 2010)

“Good to have small group of people to exchange experiences with.  Very good.”
David, (EIS Nov 2010)

“Well run, right sized group and good individual focus.  Very good.”
Edward, (EIS Nov 2010)

“Very helpful, especially watching the video clips.  A very useful workshop.”
Ben, (EIS Nov 2010)

“Very useful mix of theory and practical examples.  Easy to remember tactics and help.  Very good trainer.  Go get it!”
Adrian, (EPS Nov 2010)

“Great trainer.  Very hands on and effective.  Great fun but also took you outside your comfort zone.”
Artjon, (EPS Nov 2010)

“Excellent workshop, gradually incorporating new learnings and practicing each bit as we covered it.  Great techniques to overcome nerves.  Excellent opportunity to learn new skills in a relaxed and natural environment.  Lots of personal and tailored feedback that’s really helpful.”
Emma, (EPS Nov 2010)

“Fascinating and highly enjoyable.  I think this will help me enormously in future.  Would recommend.  Excellent – a real eye opener.  A must for nervous presenters!”
James, (EPS Nov 2010)

“Very good.  Excellent.”
Edward, (EPS Nov 2010)

“Very good trainer.  Very useful, helpful.”
Tom, (EPS Nov 2010)

“Practical, welcoming, personal feedback.  Extremely practical, would recommend.”
Tahmina, (ECS Nov 2010)

“Enjoyed it a lot.  Being out of my comfort zone I learned a lot.  A very good course, very interactive, felt very comfortable.  Really enjoyable and informative.”
Nabeel, (ECS Nov 2010)

“Relaxed, informative and built up into a really useful set of tools.  Brilliant.”
Richard, (ECS Nov 2010)

“Interactive, fun, interesting and insightful.  Useful.”
Philip, (ECS Nov 2010)

“Learned about communication skills.  Good and practical.”
Sunil, (ECS Nov 2010)

“The skills learnt will be helpful in my career development.  Worthwhile and insightful.”
J, (ECS Nov 2010)








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