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Training Feedback – May 2013

“The workshop covered all key elements, effectively preparing for and delivery a presentation. Creative techniques – particularly the vocal activities were really effective. The guidance and coaching provided was valuable and constructive. 
Claire, Accenture (EPS May 2013)

“One of the best courses I have been on. I have learnt a lot more than I thought today. Great tutor – very patient with great advice.”
Ian, Farnell element14 (FPS May 2013)

“A very enjoyable and relevant day. I now feel much more confident about my presenting skills. A very useful and ‘hands-on’ day which will make you a more confident and effective presenter.”
Jane, University of South Wales (FPS May 2013)

“Amazing trainer. She catered to the expectations and objectives of each delegate.”
Dilsher, Cape Hill Medical Center (ECS May 2013)

“Great energy – Marcia really got us thinking about how we carry ourselves and control our nerves.”
Mandeep (EIS May 2013) 

“It has really opened my eyes as to what interviewers are really looking for and what I need to focus on to succeed “
Charles (EIS May 2013) 

“Very helpful using video camera. Good to learn from others’ mistakes. Friendly atmoshphere. Great trainer, knowledgeable and helpful.”
Kim, Guerillascope (EPS May 2013) 

“Good insight/breakdown of presenting based on posture/breathing and how to conduct and deliver an effective presentation.
Bonnie, Actavis (EPS May 2013)

“Excellent experience. Hard work but well worth the effort.”
Robin Jack-Kee, Allianz Insurance plc (EPS May 2013)

“It enabled me to break down a presentation into manageable parts and recognise that I’m not alone in being nervous and that I just need to manage it. Really great, positive trainer! Very worthwhile!”
Verna Trend (FPS May 2013)

 “Very useful and easy to use the info in everyday life situations when presenting”
Paola, Syscap (FPS May 2013) 

 “Very informative, good technique given…instructor very good and very clear on explaining things.”
Amanda, Lupprians Computer Express Ltd (FPS May 2013) 

 “Marcia was very supportive, the documentation is good. Good basic course for beginners or inexperienced presenters” 
Lorraine, Stryker SA (FPS May 2013)

“Able to analyses performance and then improve performance… a very useful experience.”
 Cameron (EIS May 2013) 

“Very helpful especially following a long period of no interviews…will definitely apply what I have learnt today.”
Margret (EIS May 2013)









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