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Training Feedback – May 2012

“Andrew is very engaging and likeable. The course was well structured with all relevant resources available. Communication and admin prior to the course was very good too. A very interesting and useful course. I feel like I learnt a lot.”
Kathryn, Media Transfer Services UK (FPS May 2012) 

“Very well structured. Good pace. Engaging trainer. Very practical and makes you think not only about ‘how’ but ‘why’ you are presenting and what is the objective.”
Phil, Worldpay (EPS May 2012) 

“Positive and enthusiastic trainer. Linked well with everyday practices. Time went by quickly, intense, informative but never boring or overpowering. Perfect workload. A must for anyone who gives presentations.”
Folarin, Chief Rotimi Williams’ Chambers (PPS May 2012)

“Very good. Small class – was able to tailor more to your needs e.g how to overcome nerves and lots of tips. Excellent; techniques used will help in daily life.”
Neeta, Daiichi Sankyo Development Ltd (PVI May 2012)  

“Very supportive, fun course. It’s given me useful exercises to practice and increased my confidence. Excellent.”
Lorraine, Integrated Design Ltd (PVI May 2012) 

“I would recommend it to anyone who has to talk publicly or within groups of people. Well worth the journey and money.”
Gerald, A&P Falmouth  (EPS May 2012)

“Very effective at improving my personal awareness and confidence in front of a group of people. Fun, interesting and informative. “
Andrew, Quadrant Systems Limited (EPS May 2012) 

“This training was absolutely suited to my needs. All of the exercises were relevant and the facilitator presented them well. Very good.”
Michael, LB of Hackney DAAT (ECS May 2012) 

“The interactiveness helped immensely as the practical session brought it to life. Worth attending to get guidance and also reassurance of skills already attained.”
Ratna, Evonik Industries (ECS May 2012) 

“Marcia was very enthusiastic and offered constructive criticism. Informal and fun.”
Rebecca, Yummy Jobs Ltd (EPS May 2012) 

“Helen was a great trainer. She helped me improve my weaknesses and boost my confidence in public speaking. Very good in improving your communications skills.”
Michael (EPS May 2012) 

 “Made me feel at east, very likable, learnt a lot about how I come across to people. Thoroughly enjoyable experience.”
Cara, Symingtons Ltd (FPS May 2012) 

“I found the workshop made you feel at east and allowed open communications between trainer and delegate. Very open and I have learned how I can be more communicative with others.”
John (ECS May 2012) 

“Marcia was very encouraging, clear and precise with her feedback. Excellent examples use to relate techniques. Challenging, informative and helpful.”
Andrea (EIS May 2012) 

“Very well structured. Good exercises. Good feedback and well tailored. Excellent support of coach with group.”
Michael, GSK (PPS May 2012) 








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