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Training Feedback – May 2011

“Memorable lessons learnt. Good experimental learning opportunity – to both practise and observe. Will definitely change how I approach and feel about presentations. Thought-provoking with ideas that I know I will be able to implement and that will make a definitive difference.”
Anna, Actavis (PPS May 2011)  

“I am looking forward to adding a lot more to my presentations and feel much more confident extending the opening before moving onto the detail. Practical ideas to improve presentations and your confidence and comfort in front of an audience.”
Mike, Michael Gray Interim Ltd. (EPS May 2011) 

“Excellent learning environment. Good opportunity to practise as group was small. Very helpful, constructive advice from Robin on how to improve techniques. Thoroughly enjoyable and I learnt a lot. Thanks Robin!”
Fei-Ni, East of England Development Agency (EMT May 2011)

“Excellent workshop. I think having 4 delegates worked well for me and the others. It’s really worth attending if you need to do presentations at work or in other situations.”
Paul, Carlsberg UK (EPS May 2011) 

“Very good structure to workshop. Positive criticisms from trainer and other group members which was very useful. Excellent introduction to the skills to be used for giving presentations.”
James, Hyder Consulting (FPS May 2011) 

“I really felt that I improved my presenting ability, just in 1 day. I was also happy with the feedback I received. It gave my lots of ideas for ways to improve further.  Very practical.”
Martine, Money Advice Trust (FPS May 2011) 

“I enjoyed the majority of the course. In particular the preparation and delivering skills. Very useful, good speed and atmosphere.”
Tom (FPS May 2011)

“Really useful to practice/play with different techniques away from the work place. Supportive, active and relevant..”
Kate, Soverign Health Care (EPS May 2011)

“Subtle changes have transformed the way that I talk, present and prepare myself. The best and most practical course of this type I have attended (I’ve attended a few!”
Clive, Munster Simms Engineering Ltd (EPS May 2011) 

“Helen was a wonderful teacher who really brought the group together . We all enabled each other to do the best. Great. Learned a lot and will highly recommend it!”
Maria, Open Table Europe Ltd (EPS May 2011)

“Well structured – very constructive. Very honest. Practical, informative couple of days. Great for self confidence.”
Andrew, Veridian Housing Association (EPS May 2011) 

“The trainer is very personable and therefore easy to relate to. Neal put everyone at their ease whilst being constructively critical. As well as pointing out positive aspects. Would recommend and found very useful.”
 Karen, Cooper Vision (EPS May 2011) 

“James managed to encourage us to try radically different approaches without intimidating. Great – lots of informal attention in a small group; very useful learning points.” 
Mark, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (PPS May 2011)

“It made me realise that I can do presentations with total strangers and that although I might have thought they didn’t perceive my presentation as confident, they actually did so it gives me confidence in the future.”
Ana, Local Government Ombudsman (FPS May 2011)

“Very well delivered and responsive to the needs of the group. Very useful.”
Anne, Through Optimus Sourcing (EPS May 2011) 








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