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Training Feedback – March 2013

“It was designed really well to encourage all (very nervous) delegates to take part in all activities with the result that we were able to present a topic to the group and we able to leave with some valuable tips on how to improve.” 
Sharon, Sherborne School (FPS Mar 2013)

“Excellent breadth of cover. Marcia was fantastic. An excellent introduction to effective communication, which will make you think about how you get your message across and what you don’t do well currently.”
Susan (ECS Mar 2013) 

“It completely changed the way I present and gave a valuable insight into the key aspects of presenting. The teacher was fantastic, really good evaluation of our strengths and weaknesses.” 
Tim,  Amlin UK (PPS Mar 2013)

“Very interesting, very enjoyable and very good practical exercises. Our trainer was super and the exercises very enjoyable.”
Tracey, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP, (EIS Mar 2013) 

“Very well presented. Content was intense and challenging but very worthwhile. “
John, National Nuclear Laboratory (PPS Mar 2013)

“Marcia was very encouraging and gave me a real confidence boost! Something that has been lacking on other workshops I have attended as they’ve been too technical.”
Natalie, NHS Midlands & East (EIS Mar 2013)

“This is the best course I have ever been on. Kate was fantastic and the interactive nature meant we were constantly learning and evolving.  Just brilliant!”
Teresa, DMGT Pensions (EPS Mar 2013)

“Excellent workshop in that it made use of practical presentations and representations with substantial trainer feedback.”
Ian (EPS Mar 2013)

“Sympathetic but encouraging and taking me outside my comfort zone. Practical tips for self practice and in front of an audience . Good structure, good level of participation. Good value for money.”
Jeremy , Restons Solicitors (EPS Mar 2013)

“Different from any other course I have been to. Really appreciated the relaxed, informal approach and refreshingly honest feedback. The small group felt like one to one tuition.” 
Jennifer, Eastman Chemical Workington Ltd (EPS Mar 2013)

“I thought the breadth of topics was excellent. I feel like I now have a formula to help with presenting. A good way of evaluating your skills and identifying ways to improve.”
Farzana, City University of London (EPS Mar 2013)  

“Well structured, sufficient opportunities to practice, useful comments, guidance and feedback. Effective and successful.”
Mohan (FPS Mar 2013)

“Excellent session which was filled with techniques for me to use in my work which I hope will start to help me re-build my confidence.”
Gillian (PVI Mar 2013)

“Marcia is very quick to ‘ice break’ and direct the sessions though all aspects of the course.”
Rebbeca, (ECS Mar 2013) 

“Trainer was very friendly and supportive. Workshop was very practical with useful examples. Very useful.”
Esther (ECS Mar 2013) 

“Highlighted specific areas (attitude/personal skills) I would have overlooked in an interview.”
Nick (EIS Mar 2013)

“Excellent feedback on strengths and weaknesses with progressive updates throughout the day.”
 Mitchell (EIS Mar 2013)








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