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Training Feedback – March 2012

“Having external feedback, evaluations and content from today has highlighted areas to increase my own personal development. It’s fantastic and really allows you to become aware of your own communication techniques and styles.”
Daniel, Lego (ECS Mar 2012) 

“This workshop helps you to focus on your skills and what you have the potential to bring to a presentation. Very supportive and encouraging.”
Jacqueline, Department of Health (EPS Mar 2012) 

“Excellent. Very ‘hands-on’ which was scary but learned a lot this way. Enjoyed it, despite being totally out my comfort zone.”
Jeanette, KEVI Camp Hill School for Boys (FPS Mar 2012)

“Engaging and practical. Great trainer with lots of relevant and personal feedback and advice. Supportive atmosphere. Fun and challenging!”
Jessica, Dante Ltd (EPS Mar 2012) 

“Excellent, Kate really got to the root of issues. I wish I had this earlier in my life but lucky to go on one of these courses now. Brilliant!”
Kirsten, BNY Mellon (PVI Mar 2012) 

“Covered a broad and interesting range of topics. Pace of the day was good and Neal was very likable and enthusiastic! Lots of useful tips and information. Overall a really good and worthwhile session. 
Giselle, Boamy Finch Ltd (ECS Mar 2012)  

“Highlighted areas to improve/work on and provided techniques which will benefit me in the future. Worthwhile.”
Steve, Flogas UK Ltd (SBL Mar 2012)

“Excellent, particularly in a small group, it worked very well. A very useful day spent helping you help yourself.”
David , Unilever Plc (SBL Mar 2012) 

“I really enjoyed the fact that the session was so interactive and engaging. The size of the group was ideal to allow everyone to get feedback. Positive and inspiring.”
Shelly, Aviva (FPS Mar 2012) 

“Engaging, interactive and clear feedback to take away. Useful, fun and thought provoking.”
Kavita, Soho House (FPS Mar 2012) 

“Relaxed environment – liked that it was mostly all practical. Not a ‘corporate’ feeling – which was great. Helpful tips to help with succeeding in presenting.”
Heidi, Wagamama (FPS Mar 2012)

“Enjoyed it and found it very valuable. Exceeded my expectations. Excellent.”
 Joanna, Foresters Friendly Society (FPS Mar 2012) 

“This was an excellent workshop – Mike is a great trainer, really enjoyed the interaction with the group and support from Mike.”
Adrian (FPS Mar 2012) 

“Well paced, good feedback, interesting topics. Good course for identifying weaknesses in communication styles and ways to help improve on them.”
Iain (ECS Mar 2012) 

“Very knowledgeable and passionate trainer. I enjoyed all of the exercises. I learned what my strengths and development needs are.”
Lama (PPS Mar 2012) 









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