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Training Feedback – March 2011

“Excellent.  It has helped me out a lot to realise about communicating through body language.”
David, (SBL Mar 2011)

“Very informative, very practical, interactive.  Great use of time, and equipment.  Each section tailored to each individual.”
Andrew, (EPS Mar 2011)

“Bang on! Absolutely fantastic. Thoroughly enjoyable and I leave having far more confidence and awareness in terms of delivering presentations.  Nice one.”
Spencer, (FPS Mar 2011)

“Helen taught me how to deal with nerves and face doing a presentation.”

Joanne, Tube Lines Ltd, (FPS Mar 2011)

“Well balanced two days.  Practical course that would definitely benefit you.  Must have put some effort in as I am shattered!”
Lawrence (EPS Mar 2011)

“This was a very well delivered session.  Trainer was excellent, engendered confidence in delegates.  Use of video was really effective.  Excellent and very confidence boosting.”
Jill, North Tees & Hartlepool Foundation Trust, (EPS Mar 2011)

“Very structured and well managed process to get to the end result.  Personal comments most useful.  Videos of performance very useful.  Challenging – taking you out of comfort zone but well managed, friendly and nothing to fear.”
Phil, (EPS Mar 2011)

“Great to receive personal feedback throughout the day; addressed my development needs.”
Manj, DCLG, (PVI Mar 2011)

“Excellent pace, good combination of exercises (breathing etc) at the beginning and practical application.  Luan’s constructive feedback was particularly valuable.  Small group size was very helpful – thoroughly enjoyable too.” 
Fei-Ni, East of England Development Agency, (PVI Mar 2011)

“Excellent workshop in voice development and interview skills.”
Gusa, South Kilburn Partnership, (EIS Mar 2011)

“A jam packed but thoroughly rewarding session which has boosted my confidence and im not worrying about how I’ll approach my next interview.”
Helen, (EIS Mar 2011)

“Very informative, and tailored for you.  Can work well as a team and others can see your weaknesses.”
Jeanette, East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust (EIS Mar 2011)

“I was afraid it might be at a simplistic level but it was really well pitched and I didn’t feel patronised like I can on other courses.”
Aimhigher Sussex, (ECS Mar 2011)

“Great tutor, very knowledgeable”
Carol, NHS Norfolk, (ECS Mar 2011)

“It really made me think about things that I took for granted but realise I could make improvements to by following some simple tasks and frameworks.”
Matthew, (ECS Mar 2011)

“I feel I now know what I can do to overcome my nerves.  Have been given tips on improving my delivery and the way I carry myself – posture etc.”
Joanna, (ECS Mar 2011)

“The content was fantastic, Julia’s approach was also very good.  I will take away many tips and my technique improved dramatically from the 1st day.  Very useful and worthwhile.”
Gareth, Actavis, (PPS Mar 2011)

“It was well paced and I found it engaging throughout.  It is an excellent opportunity to practice in a safe environment.”
Lesley, NHS North Staffordshire, (PPS Mar 2011)

“A superb confidence building, practically applicable course and delivered in an engaging and professional manner.”
Tony, Samaritans, (PPS Mar 2011)

“Very enjoyable, met all my expectations, I now feel less scared and more positive about doing my first presentation.”
Sarah, (FPS Mar 2011)








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