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Training Feedback – June 2013

“I felt that Kate was as accurate as Simon Cowell (in a nice way) in her evaluation but with very personable delivery and warmth. Great constructive feedback and confidence building in a genuine fashion. Thank you Kate!”
Judith, Starkey Limited (FPS Jun 2013) 

“Really helpful to practice in front of others – even though it was nerve wracking. Very helpful to get feedback from trainers and others. Useful watching other people – as you can pick up on bad habits that you do yourself.”
Catherine, (EIS Jun 2013)

“Gave me exactly what I needed – practice and feedback to work on. Well structured and always fluid. Group feedback and sharing thoughts/experiences was very reassuring and valuable. Breaks/lunches well staggered.” 
Edward, (EPS Jun 2013)

“Very good feedback from the trainer. Insightful, observant with useful tips.”
Robyn, NSPCC (FPS Jun 2013) 

“Excellent session. The trainer knew her subject and how to deliver and engage the delegates.”
Raj, Thomson (FPS Jun 2013) 

“Excellent experience, excellent feedback and trainer.”
Ashley, Hornby Hobbies (FPS Jun 2013)

“Amazing trainer, very inspiring and good advice.”
Emily, (FPS Jun 2013)

“Great exercises. Engaging Trainer.”
 Maryanne, (ECS Jun 2013)

 “Great information on breathing and posture, understanding of personalities and use of correct language to handle situations for a better outcome.”
Mark, Beckhoff Automation Ltd (ECS Jun 2013)

“The workshop was an eye opener for me and made me more aware of myself and how communication is important everyday. It was a very empowering workshop”
Latoya, (ECS Jun 2013)

“Great trainer. Intensive. Felt like Marcia actually cared!”
 Katerina Corken RFIB Group Ltd (ECS Jun 2013)

“Very good at finding my weaknesses and improving them.”
Emma, (EIS Jun 2013) 

“It clarifies issues easily overlooked, its helps structuring my preparation for interviewing skills.” 
Gabriela, (EIS Jun 2013)

“It clarified the need for structure and highlighted presentation techniques. Very good feedback throughout from trainer”
Martin,  Bath Bus Company (EPS Jun 2013)

“Good thoughtful content, plenty of ideas, time to explore methods and approaches”
Robert, CSG International (EPS Jun 2013)  

“Took us out of our comfort zones, good awareness of techniques – breathing etc. Steve really enthusiastic and you always feel comfortable even at silly times!”
Daisy, Symingtons Ltd (EPS Jun 2013) 

“Was good to present on the first day and point out our flaws and then work through them thoughout the course. Good to get feedback from others aswell as trainer.”
Sophie, Eastman Company UK Ltd (EPS Jun 2013)

“The workshop enables you to focus and understand what the real skills are in presenting. The practice and feedback develops these skills.”
Ian, Houghton plc (EPS Jun 2013)

“Definitely learned a great deal. Julia’s style was very engaging, supportive, professional, relaxed and fun”
Nicky, Mission to Seafarers (PPS Jun 2013)

“It was a great enviroment to practice skills. Trainer feedback was helpful, constructive and timely.”
Andrew, Amlin UK (PPS Jun 2013) 

“A great day, lots of practical ideas. Kate notices things very quickly and is very helpful. Good to hear advice from others and learning from them.”
Amal, Wormholt Park School (PVI Jun 2013)

“Great focus on pacing in voice, body and breathing techniques. Very practical!”
 Deep (PVI Jun 2013)

“Wonderful workshop. My trainer encouraged me all the time and I gained more feedback to improve myself.”
Kantima, (SBL Jun 2013)








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