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Training Feedback – June 2011

“This was really, really good. Kate taught some really useful techniques that I will take away and practice. Inspiring and full of practical tips.”
Nicollette, Saxon Weald (FPS Jun 2011)

“Seeing myself on camera is extremely helpful. Good and honest feedback from the trainer and other delegates allowed me to identify weaknesses in my presentation style.”
Eiko, Finance & Leasing Association (EPS Jun 2011)

“Was so helpful in giving me tools to improve my presenting and things to do to calm myself. Gave me confidence. A must!”
Sky, Omnicom Engineering Limited (FPS Jun 2011) 

“It’s a really good way of learning basic but necessary skills that can have a huge impact on the way you present. Really worth while.”
Paul, GPS Ltd (FPS Jun 2011)

“Learnt good processes to work through when presenting and creating presentations. Especially helpful methods to stop nerves. Good first course, definitely advise another to try and hone the skills you have learned.”
Grace, Profero Ltd (FPS Jun 2011) 

“It’s very interactive, no judgement but good feedback to improve myself.  It helped me with getting prepared, rehearsal and to be more confident.”
Amelie, Fedex (EPS Jun 2011) 

“It was practical and I learnt how to deal with situations in a working environment.”
Neil, Waypoint Corporation (EIS Jun 2011) 

“Gained confidence in delivering speech. Good trainer, very friendly and attending to peoples needs.”
Katan, Roche Products (PVI Jun 2011)

“Excellent day – I feel like a different person from when I walked in this morning. Will recommend to my boss and friends.”
Mark, SGS Europe (FPS Jun 2011) 

“Very good structure – all about delegates being stood up presenting, and less about listening. Plenty of opportunities to make smaller speeches and receive feedback prior to full presentation. Informative and an excellent confidence boost.”
Ben (FPS Jun 2011)

“Varied and challenging day with positive outcomes. Flexibility to consider different needs of delegates. Emphasis on positive encouragement. Excellent to have so much attention. A successful and valuable experience.”
Deborah (FPS Jun 2011)

“Positive feedback to everything that we did. Certainly feel more confident when it comes to an interview. Great trainer and very helpful comments which will help me in the future.”
James (EIS Jun 2011)

“I feel much more confident going forward with some useful tools. Very good.”
 Graham (EIS Jun 2011)

“Fantastic information on body language and speech patterns, not something I ever considered before. An excellent way to make the most of your opportunities and to present yourself in the best possible light.”
Callum (EIS Jun 2011)

“Good number of participants, participatory, learn by practice. It was very useful, enjoyable and professional. Many thanks to the trainer.”
Fathia (EIS Jun 2011) 








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