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Training Feedback – July 2013

“All very good, came away with much more insight into the world of communicating.”
Robbie, Accora, (ECS Jul 2013) 

“Really helpful to practice in front of others – even though it was nerve wracking. Very helpful to get feedback from trainers and others. Useful watching other people – as you can pick up on bad habits that you do yourself.”
Catherine Douglas (EIS Jun 2013)

“Gave me exactly what I needed – practice and feedback to work on. Well structured and always fluid. Group feedback and sharing thoughts/experiences was very reassuring and valuable. Breaks/lunches well staggered.” 
Edward Lamison (EPS Jun 2013)

“Brilliant if you are not a confident speaker for bringing you out of yourself.  Some useful practical titbits and techniques even if you have the confidence.”
Alex, Freshminds Research, (ECS Jul 2013) 

“Conversations were combined with presentations and exercises which made the training interesting.  The trainer was very helpful and friendly, didn’t criticise but gave advice.  I would surely recommend it.”
Agineszka, Enterprise East, (ECS Jul 2013) 

“I liked the variety of different approaches rather than just only asking and answering questions.  Group feedback was good and the feedback from leader.”
Gabriella, (EIS Jul 2013)

“Good session when being filmed.  Gets you out of your comfort zone.  Good to keep practising one question so you can see how to improve.”
Richard, (EIS Jul 2013)

“Fantastic workshop, took you out of your comfort zone and really look at what your strengths and weaknesses are.  Some very useful practical exercises (glad that this dominated the workshop) – just the right amount of theory.”
 Lisa, (EPS Jul 2013)

 “I feel much more confident in my own skills and being able to use the new skills I gained.  Highly recommended for anyone who does public speaking.”
Kayleigh, (EPS Jul 2013)

“Excellent and engaging.”
Matthew, (EPS Jul 2013)

“Very interactive, never a dull moment, many chances to practice skills learnt.  Very effective, do it!”
 Amy, (EPS Jul 2013)

“Very interactive, engaging, helpful.  Good tips, techniques and advice how to implement those and keep your individual style.”
Jana, (EPS Jul 2013) 

“Brilliant, really positive and structured with great exercises to keep engaged.” 
Emma, (EPS Jul 2013)

“It was such a helpful and practical day.  The exercises were woven into the day and introduced in a way in which to make us comfortable to participate.”
Martin Curtis,  Bath Bus Company (EPS Jun 2013)

“Good thoughtful content, plenty of ideas, time to explore methods and approaches”
Robert Machin, CSG International (EPS Jun 2013)  

“Took us out of our comfort zones, good awareness of techniques – breathing etc. Steve really enthusiastic and you always feel comfortable even at silly times!”
Joanne, (FPS Jul 2013) 

“It really gave me a lot of confidence, I felt I was in a safe environment where no one would think I came across stupid.”
Coralie, Johnson Controls Ltd, (FPS Jul 2013)

“Definitely one to attend.  Offers something for everyone.”
Craig, Amlin UK, (PPS Jul 2013)

“Catered for all my needs, trainer was very patient, encouraging and helpful with her feedback.”
Sarah, Discuva, (FPS Jul 2013)









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