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Training Feedback – January 2012

“I liked the size of the group – small enough to receive thorough feedback from the tutor. The tutor’s former experience as an actor aided exercises and presentation technique. Useful and a good starter course.”
Sara-Jane, Fresh Minds Ltd (FPS Jan 2012) 

“Practical tips were fantastic. Loved working in the group situations – made me realise I’m not the only one with nerves. Practical advice that can be implemented immediately. Fantastic.”
Tanya, Merial Animal Health Limited (FPS Jan 2012) 

“I thought the entire session was very engaging. The whole group was particularly supportive and provided excellent and valuable feedback. It’s very useful and covers all the basics one needs to master public speaking.”
Caroline, Fresh Minds Ltd (FPS Jan 2012) 

“Excellent workshop. Not only did I survive the presentation (which I didn’t think I would). I almost looked forward to doing it and took away lots of useful advice that I look forward to implementing.”
Allie, Finiti Search Limited (FPS Jan 2012) 

“Excellent, covered all areas required. I would strongly suggest that everyone attends.”
Belinda, Minerva Computer Systems (EPS Jan 2012) 

“Very positive experience. Group size perfect. Learnt a lot through watching others as well as practicing myself. Kate was great, very positive but also very observant and didn’t let things go.”
Debarah (FPS Jan 2012)

“Excellent explanation and feedback. Good mix of positive and negative points. Excellent connection with group. Very interesting way of presenting info. Very good at confidence boosting and excellent individual feedback.”
Diane (FPS Jan 2012) 

“Really useful opportunity to take a step back from my usual communication style and think about how people perceive my presentation/style etc.”
Victoria (ECS Jan 2012) 

“Excellent trainer. Good to meet other people from varying backgrounds and approaches. The video playback of my own interview was also very revealing and useful. Excellent.”
Maryanne (EIS Jan 2012) 

“Through feedback and skill development exercises. I found out how I should prepare for my next interview which I would not have realised if I did not attend this workshop. Excellent.”
 Takuma (EIS Jan 2012) 

“Excellent workshop, opportunity to develop emotional communication skills. It will improve your presentations. Very relevant and useful.”
Richard (EPS Jan 2012) 

“It was relaxed and I immediately felt at home. Though it went through much information it was done with such ease that I felt no strains with either the understanding and practical sides. Brilliant.”
Yasmin (FPS Jan 2012) 

“Great to have exposure to public speaking. Andrew was easy to talk to and addressed concerns brought up by the group well. I feel much more confident about presenting now. Useful overview of necessary skills.”
Daniel (FPS Jan 2012) 

“Very personal to my own needs. Excellent trainer. Good knowledge. Excellent role model.”
Jimmy (PVI Jan 2012)  

 “Extremely constructive. Pitched at the right level and with the right amount of information. Well worth it. Developed my presentation skills.”
 Barry (EPS Jan 2012) 








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