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Training Feedback – January 2011

“A very positive experience. Very much value for the money.  It delivered everything I wanted and needed. It kept me focussed for the whole day. It offered the practice I needed. It was a very friendly environment.”
Joe, CN4C, (FPS Jan 2011)

“Very useful. Helpful towards constructive / positive communication.”
Devmitra, NHS, (ECS Jan 2011)

“The course provided exactly what I was looking for – Advice on improving areas of my presentations, honest feedback and plenty of practising. Very useful for anyone who needs to speak to groups.  And even for all everyday aspects of life.”
Kieran, CTI Data Solutions Ltd,  (EPS Jan 2011)

“Very beneficial. Very informal, relaxed and enjoyable. I have been given a number of skills to practise to enhance my delivery”
Jason, The Wisley Golf Club, (EPS Jan 2011)

“Thoroughly enjoyable. Really looked forward to coming back on day 2. Really benefited from the workshop. A great use of time. Well worth attending. I now feel I know myself.”
Marcus, CTI Data Solutions Ltd, (EPS Jan 2011)

“Well worth it – great skills training. Great group participation and feedback”
Tony, NHS Norfolk, (EIS Jan 2011)

“Very good. Will recommend.  Very “hands on” and practical. Takes you out of comfort zone from the beginning and therefore achieves results.”
Maureen, Nottinghill Housing Trust (EIS Jan 2011)

“Good for building confidence, very relaxing atmosphere. Nice to have constant positive feedback.”
Andy, Equilibrium Asset Management, (FPS Jan 2011)

“Really useful, practical advice about how to allay fears and gave a good grounding to build on. The advice and feedback was excellent and tailored to everyone’s different needs.”
Lorraine, CLARHC, (FPS Jan 2011)

“Very comfortable learning environment.  Very well presented. Interactive & confidence building. I now have a structure to work with and improved confidence.
David (FPS Jan 2011)

“Was really worried and nervous but as soon as I entered the room Finola was warm and friendly and that was carried on throughout the day. I would definitely recommend to others.”
Donna (FPS Jan 2011)

“It has been really helpful.  Finola is very receptive and made us fully aware of all the things that we did that we could improve on.  If you have to do public speaking of any kind, this training is a must.”
Gemma, (FPS Jan 2011)

“It had a positive learning environment and the course was definitely worth the travel. Very inspiring teacher and good overall programme.”
Kristin (PPS Jan 2011)

“There was always a lot of energy within the room and from Julia. Nothing we did was dull and my attention was always on the task.”
Nicola (PPS Jan 2011)

“Julia was an inspiration. Learnt a lot. Peer teaching was also excellent. Very positive feedback and was wonderful to have an experienced presenter telling me that I am much better than I believe.”
Lynn (PPS Jan 2011)

“Great to practise and see video.  Very useful feedback from delegates and trainer. Lots of ideas to vary presentations in the future.”
Alex (PPS Jan 2011)

“Far better than expected. Very interesting all day! Great practice sessions. Great group size.
Freddie, Heath Holdings Ltd (EIS Jan 2011)

“Fun, good pace, excellent rapport. Good structure.  Excellent trainer, insightful with good tips for people with a range of experience.”
Lesley, NHS North Staffordshire, (EIS Jan 2011)

“I really felt that the feedback has helped me to realise the areas which I really need to work on.  A very worthwhile experience.”
George, Heath Holdings Ltd,  (EIS Jan 2011)

“Very useful and helpful. Learned how to structure, articulate and present, making good eye contact.”
Mamadou, Office Depot, (FPS Jan 2011)

“Worthwhile and educational. It focused on what areas we wanted to develop rather than being rigidly structured.”
Stuart, (FPS Jan 2011)

“Good to practise, engaged on what each individual wanted to get out of it.”
Tarasyn, (FPS Jan 2011)

“Excellent – Slayed quite a few demons and am anxious to try out some more presenting – which certainly wasn’t this morning! A fantastic and fast learning curve.”
Rupert, (FPS Jan 2011)








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