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Training Feedback – February 2011

“I found today extremely useful and learnt lots of new techniques in order to try and give a more confident presentation.  I feel the course has given me more confidence and hope to take this forward.”
Alice, Office of Rail Regulation, (FPS Feb 2011)

“I now know how to construct a presentation and effectively deliver it.  Extremely positive two days.  Hugely helpful and feel more confident for future presentations.  Excellent.”
Karen, (EPS Feb 2011)

“Robin achieved an excellent balance of encouragement and fault finding.  His ability to identify the areas of improvement were on the money.  Motivational, professional and different.”
Huw, The Military College, (PPS Feb 2011)

“Although nerve-wracking, I have found the workshop to be incredibly useful and it has succeeded in increasing my confidence.  Brilliant course – very supportive.”
Leanne, Home Group, (FPS Feb 2011)

“Would recommend to others.  Trainer very approachable, very helpful to each delegate.  Excellent.”
Caroline, (FPS Feb 2011)

“Trainer was warming and very approachable.  Very easy to talk to and passed on a great deal of knowledge and advice.”
Michael, (FPS Feb 2011)

“Very interactive – not at all dull, great content.  Gives you confidence – it was extremely informative and helpful.”
Winn, National Policing Improvement Agency, (FPS Feb 2011)

“Very good and interactive.  Very useful tips and advice which I would never have thought of before.  Very useful and necessary if you aren’t used to giving presentations – it builds confidence.”
Stephanie, National Policing Improvement Agency, (FPS Feb 2011)

“Breaking down a speech into small parts worked well – not so daunting.  Actually delivering the speech in front of a group made me realise that the experience is not as awful as I had thought it would be.  100% satisfied even the lunch was ok!”
Dan, (FPS Feb 2011)

“I feel I am a new person.  I have far more confidence to present – I will remember the skills in the future.  Brilliant, inspiring.  It hit the spot and was a great help.”
Lesley, Elior UK, (EPS Feb 2011)

“This was a thoroughly good course.  I learnt a huge amount and have tools to take away to use in all future presentations.  It has given me confidence which I shall continue to build on.  Well worth attending.  It can offer everyone a lot of new techniques and effective advice.”
Clair, Becta, (EPS Feb 2011)

“A lot of work, but a brilliant experience.  I learnt so much and I’ve got a lot more confidence.”
Hawys, Aberystwyth University, (EPS Feb 2011)

“It’s very interactive and its focussed on practising and role play.  I liked that there was theory around it, and then was straight into putting it into practice.  Very interesting and interactive.”
Juan, Wipro Technologies, (EPS Feb 2011)

“Useful session for people struggling with public speaking.  But also useful for people to brush up and improve presentation skills even if they’re already okay.”
Swathi, Wipro Technologies, (EPS Feb 2011)

“In two days I have noticed a big difference so I’m extremely happy with the outcome.  Very good trainer help and feedback.  Fun, interesting, a good sized group, definitely worthwhile.”
Jade, Gueillascope, (EPS Feb 2011)

“Really supportive environment to learn to express yourself to the best of your ability.  Very useful.”
Kendra, Family and Parenting Institute, (EIS Feb 2011)

“Good practice sessions and feedback.  Trainer made people feel at ease.  Good structure and content.  Excellent one day session to build interview techniques and build confidence.”
Karsan, (EIS Feb 2011)








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