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Training Feedback – December 2011

“Neil was an excellent teacher and gave us several useful tips to overcome fears and how to present more effectively. Excellent way to build confidence.”
Frances, Arbonne (EPS Dec 2011) 

“Very good, fast pace and lots of practical advice. Opportunity to put into practice learning and theory immediately. Very satisfied with this workshop. I was nervous but very glad I came.”
Alison, SSAFA Forces Help (FPS Dec 2011) 

“What a great experience. I was very nervous at the beginning but thanks to Sandra I got though the day. Excellent, a course worth doing to overcome your fears of presenting.”
 Audra, Yorkshire Forward (FPS Dec 2011)

“Engaging presenter, very informative. Completely changed my views regarding presenting.”
Daniella, Orchard Veterinary Centre (FPS Dec 2011) 

“Mike was friendly and tailored very well to our needs and a group and individually.”
Rickie, BDR Thermea (FPS Dec 2011) 

“Very helpful, gave ideas on presentations and how to overcome nerves. Felt uncomfortable at first but it was really helpful.”
Brooke, Palmer Solicitors (FPS Dec 2011) 

“The same fears applied on the course as felt when presenting in my job. The practice and feedback were most valuable.”
Greg, Phoenix Datacom Limited (FPS Dec 2011) 

“Learnt a lot of new skills that I can use. Great to pick up confidence and learn new techniques that will help you.”
Hasan, Phoenix Datacom Limited (FPS Dec 2011) 

“Good balance to with theory alongside practical exercises. Lots of relevant analysis and good class interaction.”
Pamela, SFW Ltd (ECS Dec 2011) 

“I felt Mike was an excellent trainer, he provided me with some excellent feedback in terms of my weaknesses that I need to work on. Excellent “
Gurpreet (EIS Dec 2011)

“Great strucutre and exercises that really helped me build my confidence. Mike is a fantastic trainer who provided me with some really useful feedback that will hopefully help me going forward. Fantastic, a massive confidence booster.”
Joe (EIS Dec 2011) 

“It really helped me understand how to calm my nerves. Also, a great presentation structure to take away. Excellent  course, very relaxed and enjoyable.”
Jason (EPS Dec 2011) 

“Course was engaging, Mike was inspirational and completely changed my perception of presentations. Really enjoyed the course much to my surprise.”
Sharon (EPS Dec 2011) 

“Very down to earth, practical advice which we can use in a professional capacity. Very useful.”
 Vicky (PVI Dec 2011) 

“Very interactive. The trainer has very good experience about the skills you need in communications. Very informative.”
Mythri (ECS Dec 2011) 

“Neil was very enjoyable and I learned a lot. I took away many things from the course. Worth it.”
Jen (EPS Dec 2011)









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