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Training Feedback – December 2010

“Excellent instruction with purposeful practical exercises.  Improvements were seen with all candidates.  Most people I know would benefit from this course.  It is rare to get such feedback in any other environment.”
Dave, Geoscience Applications Ltd, (PVI Dec 2010)

“Excellent practical work and feedback.  Very worthwhile.”
Hugh, Burhill Golf & Leisure Ltd, (PPS Dec 2010)

“Made me think about things and people in a different way.  Fun, informal and applicable to the workplace.”
Jamie, Cobalt Telephone Technologies, (ECS Dec 2010)

“Very interactive and fun.  Beneficial.”
Julio, DHL Industrial Products, (ECS Dec 2010)

“It had very useful information.  Very good.”
Chibueze, (ECS Dec 2010)

“Good use of interactive exercise.  Enjoyable.”
Ash, (ECS Dec 2010)

“I really enjoyed the day.  The practice sessions were very useful.”
Iain, Notting Hill Housing Trust, (EIS Dec 2010)

“Very well run with good structure and content.  Tips and hints from train for next interview.”
Tara, Blacksmith Advisors, (EIS Dec 2010)

“The trainer’s knowledge on the subject was very good and she recommended techniques for future interviews.  Very informative and interesting.  Lots of delegate participation.”
Mohammed, Xoserve Ltd, (EIS Dec 2010)

“Use of the video was very helpful.  The trainer was very empathic and friendly.  Very helpful.”
Shuby, Family & Parenting Institute, (EIS Dec 2010)

“The trainer was a good listener and helped with nerves.  It helps structure your thoughts.  Makes you focus on yourself to change your behaviour.”
Florence, D’Orange Ltd, (EIS Dec 2010)

“Trainer feedback on planning and structuring.  Proactive activities. Vocal skills and individual delivery skills.  Good proactive workshop.”
Akeem, Harris Academy, (FPS Dec 2010)

“I found the feedback very good and the trainer helped me to improve my delivery a great deal.  Challenging, and improved my presentation skills a lot.  Good personalised tips.”
Lesley, (FPS Dec 2010)

“Really good, I gained more confidence in presenting.”
Alex, (FPS Dec 2010)

“I really enjoyed the fact it was a practical course.  The day flew by because of the exercises.  Group size was perfect.  It will help my self confidence.”
Cristina, (FPS Dec 2010)

“Really useful – good to understand the theory behind the practice.”
Jenny, (FPS Dec 2010)

“It was great in getting everyone involved from the start.  A great confidence booster and very informative.”
Debbie, (FPS Dec 2010)

“The trainer was very encouraging and approachable and enabled the group to gel and work together.  Informal and informative!”
Wendy, (FPS Dec 2010)

“The trainer was very encouraging and supportive.  Very practical.”
Harry, (FPS Dec 2010)

“This is a good workshop with opportunities to practice.  Self-reflective and thought provoking.”
Deb, University of Greenwich, (PPS Dec 2010)

“Good venue and food.  Good trainer, well prepared, pleasant and clear, patient.”
Christine, ABS, (PVI Dec 2010)

“All good and very useful techniques.  Very good, worth attending.”
James, First Drinks Brands Ltd, (PVI Dec 2010)

“Great tips on presenting structure.  The trainer was really helpful pinpointing areas that need working on.  A must!”
Saba, (FPS Dec 2010)

“I liked the informal environment.  The trainer was excellent and really put us at ease.  He helped overcome our public speaking fears.  The feedback really helped and has given me confidence.  Informal, enjoyable, relaxed and packed with useful knowledge.”
Leah, (FPS Dec 2010)

“Great to have weak areas of presenting pinpointed and receive such constructive feedback.  Highly recommend and would look to do more in the future.”
Claire, (FPS Dec 2010)

“It is very practical and I liked the trainer who was very good.  Working in a small group was very nice.”
Cristina, Bracco, (EPS Dec 2010)

“I really enjoyed the course.  The trainer used lots of practical sessions and I liked the structure.”
Anna, Care Quality Commission, (EPS Dec 2010)








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