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Training Feedback – August 2012

“Absolutely brilliant! Engaging and entertaining. I have gained valuable information that I can transfer onto any area, professional or personal. Accurate, informative and proactive.”
Alex, Kaplan International College (FPS Aug 2012)

“Thoroughly enjoyed it and it has made me realise I’m not as bad at presentations as I thought. It has made me more conscious that I need to work on my own self confidence.”
Gavin, Historic Scotland (FPS Aug 2012)

“An introductory session highlighting methods of structuring presentations with techniques to help prepare for presenting. Engaging and patient trainer. Fantastic.”
Tom, Oxford Brookes Students’ Union (FPS Aug 2012) 

“Found all aspects a massive benefit. Video presentation and feedback really helps understands your style and behaviour. Well structured.”
Dave, ASDA Stores Ltd (EPS Aug 2012) 

“Great balance of practical, information and feedback. Felt very safe environment to try out and develop skills. It give reassurance about our own presentation and very constructive feedback to to improve. 
Helen, North Lincolnshire Council (EPS Aug 2012)  

“I was sceptical at first however it was really engaging and really personal. Well structured.  Perfect class size.” 
Ashley-Paterson, Oxford Brookes Students’ Union (FPS Aug 2012) 

“I think it covered all the basics and I got out of it exactly what I wanted. Kate is on the ball and could spot where feedback needed to be given immediately.”
Daniel (FPS Aug 2012)

“Very enjoyable. I felt very comfortable in the environment which meant that I could get the most out of the two days and came away having improved.”
Nicola, ACPO Criminal Records Office (EPS Aug 2012)

“Relaxed atmosphere. Informative. Honest feedback – if you don’t know you can’t improve. Enjoyable and beneficial to my role.”
Anne, ACPO Criminal Records Office (EPS Aug 2012)

“Enjoyed how at ease Kate made everyone feel. I liked the roleplay. Performance and confidence boosting.”
Jenna, Lucid PR (FPS Aug 2012) 

“I thought the workshop was excellent. Really brough back to basics the elements of nerves and helped provide exercises and tricks to combat issues. Great delivery, pace, participation, liked that it was a small class.”
Caroline (FPS Aug 2012)

“A very good start to presentations. Small groups, well structured in an easy location in central London.”
Angela (FPS Aug 2012) 

“Andrew is very knowledgeable of presentation techniques, both good and bad. A great intro into how to effectively deliver presentations.”
Tariq (FPS Aug 2012) 

“Very well taught by trainer. Lots of fun interaction. Incredible feedback. Lots of encouragement. Very informative.”
Andrew, IGI Ltd (FPS Aug 2012) 

“Excellent two day course. Brought alive and has helped me on my way to better presentation.” 
Jason (EPS Aug 2012)








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