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Training Feedback – August 2011

“Enjoyed the small group as it was easier to talk freely and discuss things. Good fun. Feel better about myself and my abilities. Good for exploring how you communicate and how you can improve on it. Good group participation without being scary.”
Emma, Esri UK Ltd (ECS Aug 2011)

 “The whole day is very useful and I would recommend to anyone who would want to improve their public speaking. I found the workshop very insightful and I believe that the skills taught with practice will help me improve many areas of both my working and social life.”
Nick, Feedback Consumer Research (PVI Aug 2011) 

 “The workshop was well structured, excellent delivery and catered for all my needs. I felt empowered by the end of my two days training. Lots to take forward. Great trainer.”
Leslyn, North West Kent College (PPS Aug 2011) 

“The trainer was very descriptive, well presented and made everyone feel at ease. I would recommend this course.”
Jade, John Wheatley College (ECS Aug 2011) 

“Brilliant, nice not to go to a course where someone is teaching you to suck eggs! Great content! Interactive and very, very engaging. Thank you!”
Karen, Kia Motors UK Ltd (PPS Aug 2011)

“Very good, interactive, lively, lots of useful ideas and tips. Effective and worthwhile.”
Francesco, DB Schenker (PPS Aug 2011) 

“Great interaction and personalisation. Very supportive. Great fun and really valuable.”
Dan, Waters Ltd (EPS Aug 2011) 

“Very useful understanding the physical processes and how this affects presentations. Very helpful and constructive.”
Geoff, Via Optimus Sourcing Ltd (FPS Aug 2011) 

 “It was very useful to learn the different techniques that enhance presentation skills. A good practical course.”
Victoria, Capita Registrars Ltd (FPS Aug 2011) 

“I was very nervous and anxious on arrival and left feeling much more confident. Very useful and the practical tasks really helped me.”
Karen (FPS Aug 2011) 

“I feel much more confident about my own abilities. The exercises were really useful. I have two interviews lined up and so I will definitely apply this.”
Camille (EIS Aug 2011) 

“Very informative. Having someone else look at myself was good to get perspective. Breathing and eye contact techniques were good to know. Very good.”
Chris (EIS Aug 2011) 

“It has given me much to think about and take away. Helen was great!”
Robert (EPS Aug 2011) 

“I would highly recommend this workshop to all my peers. A very professional workshop that instantly puts you at ease. This allowed me to experience things with my voice that I never knew I had.”
Nahom (PVI Aug 2011)

“Helen provided a practical course, with lots of opportunity to practice and build up our presentation skills gradually towards the delivery of our presentation. Really skillfully done. Practical and useful with expert facilitation.”
Em (FPS Aug 2011) 








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