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Training Feedback – April 2013

“Andrew was very warm, thorough and engaging. Group opened up very quickly and it was evident improvements were made by all throughout the day. Very beneficial. Surprisingly enjoyable. Great structure to the day.”
Nick, Syscap (FPS Apr 2013) 

“In the course of the two days we presented 10 times each – this was great to gain confidence, try out new things and go out of the comfort zone. The flexibility of the days meant that all individual questions were answered. Time flew.”
Michael, WRAP (EPS Apr 2013)

“Covered so many different areas – never boring. An encouraging environment to develop in. Video feedback very useful. Professionally delivered.”
Louise, Energy Excel LLP (EPS Apr 2013) 

“Marcia was very open and honest in her feedback, lots of practice sessions. Friendly and open atmosphere…Good chance to see how you may be perceived in an interview. “
Duncan (EIS Apr 2013)

“Very informative, I enjoyed the course. Very interesting. Helped with my confidence and reminded me of skills that I already have.”
Kate, GS Plus Ltd (EIS Apr 2013) 

“Trainer was enthusiastic and tailored advice to the individual. Got people involved. “
Hector (EIS Apr 2013) 

“Excellent practical exercises…very good, excellent teaching and enjoyable, highly recommend.” 
Graham, HCS Ltd (EPS Apr 2013) 

“The gradual build up of techniques, with frequent opportunities to practically implement was a massively effective approach. An essential part to career development.”
Callum, Symingtons (EPS Apr 2013)

“Very enjoyable, good fun, very useful. Extremely useful.”
Andrew, HSBC (EPS Apr 2013)

“Very interactive, lots of opportunity to practice and revisit presentation work. Excellent.”  
Alan, Carless Adams (EPS Apr 2013)

“Really enjoyed all elements. Massive confidence boost. Changed my view of what needed developing.”
Richard, Aylesbury Partnerships (EPS Apr 2013)

“Fantastic experience. Challenging but supportive environment at the same time. Plenty to learn and use in the future.”
Matthew, Fusion Communications (EPS Apr 2013)

“Very good, it has increased my confidence and has encouraged me to pursue presentation skills further. I am a lot happier considering my upcoming presentations. Good fun, supportive, professional.”
Andrew, HSBC (FPS Apr 2013)

“I did not think we could learn so much in one day. Very supportive and encouraging tutor. A great starting point.”
Gill, College of Psychic Studies (FPS Apr 2013)

“Very informative and relevant. Andrew worked with everyone’s personal issues. Range of activities and techniques covered.” 
Ben, Syscap (FPS Apr 2013)








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