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Training Feedback – April 2011

“Absolutely fantastic day!  So useful to me personally in gaining confidence to deliver a presentation.  Sandra was so encouraging in a truthful and professional way.  Very worthwhile.  Everyone would benefit from this.”
Kerry, HMRC, (FPS Apr 2011)

“It has been very useful.  It makes you think about all aspects of public speaking and makes you do what you need to do to improve.  Great for building confidence.  Very useful, and fun lovely Trainer.
Sara, Shell, (EPS Apr 2011)

“Excellent opportunity to develop and perfect presentation style and skills in a safe supportive environment.  Excellent training course especially the use of videoing of the presentations and feedback.”
Manj, DCLG, (PPS Apr 2011)

“Helped to deal with nerves, built my confidence in presenting, gave structure to future presentations.  Made me feel a lot better in general.  Would recommend to anyone with worries.”
Claire, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, (FPS Apr 2011)

“The feedback has been so useful to me and I will carry the new skills learnt with me and use them in all future presentations.  Fantastic!  Well worth doing.”
Dominique, Wellington Place General Partner Ltd, (FPS Apr 2011)

“Fantastic.  I feel much more confident after just one day!  The group feedback and Trainer feedback session were valuable.”
Jacqueline, Broker Direct plc, (FPS Apr 2011)

“We did a lot of training today which was very good and useful.  Not having been to any vocal training before, I like the way that the skill is gradually developed over the day.  Good component to improve communication and presentation skills.”
Ka Fai, (PVI Apr 2011)

“Found it very useful, learned new techniques.  Trainer’s style of communication was very good and made the workshop very interesting.”
Uwaila, (ECS Apr 2011)

“Good to know what I was doing wrong and how to change it.  Trainer was very nice, put you at ease and made it very easy to improve.  Very useful and worthwhile.”
Alexandre, (EIS Apr 2011)

“Made to feel comfortable/confident enough to speak honestly.  Very helpful and useful in finding out weaknesses in my interviews.”
Gregory, (EIS Apr 2011)

“Very positive attitude towards all participants with a clear structure and outcome from the coaching.  Energetic, interesting, informal yet factual, educational.
Gavin, RWE npower, (EPS Apr 2011)

“The workshop has been useful.  Look forward to applying these techniques in regular presentations, and being more comfortable with it.”
Swetha, Amberlight Partners Ltd, (EPS Apr 2011)

“Great trainer, eye opening experience, honest feedback, hands on experience.”
Marcos, DMW Group, (PPS Apr 2011)








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