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September 2010 – Training Feedback

“Concise, engaging, straight to the point and extremely useful.  Very informative and eye opener.”
Francesco (ECS September 2010)

“Very good, knowledgeable trainer.  Would recommend.”
Jamie, The FSA (EPS September 2010)

“The course detail is very good as you get to focus on individual things and gives you the skills and confidence to present.”
Graham, Burhill Golf & Leisure Ltd (EPS September 2010)

“Thought the practical element was brilliant – realising that practicing these skills will help your progression.  Definitely worth attending.  Would recommend.”
Louise, PZ Cussons plc (FPS September 2010)

“Really good feedback. Really beneficial and well worth attending.”
Julia, PZ Cussons plc (FPS September 2010)

“Very informative – nice pace.  Very good, enjoyable interactive day.”
John (FPS September 2010)

“Very interactive and varied.  Enjoyable, friendly, informative, helpful.”
Anika (ECS September 2010)

“Excellent, friendly and professional trainer.  Very practical, useful and informative.  Would recommend.”
Carole (FPS September 2010)

“A great day – thank you!”
Duncan (FPS September 2010)

“Really good trainer and great group of people.  Excellent feedback. Excellent course, would recommend.”
Cheryl, Yorkshire & Humber Improvement Partnership (FPS September 2010)

“Excellent – good blend of discussion and practice.  Never bored. Very worthwhile.”
Simon (FPS September 2010)

“The group feedback was very useful.  Would recommend as it will develop your skills for interviews.”
Jon, Jockey Club Racecourses (EIS September 2010)

“Engaging.  Very good, worthwhile.”
Mark, Marriott Motor Group (EIS September 2010)

“Pushed me out of my comfort zone and showed me how best to deal with interviews.  Useful in developing confidence and techniques.”
Benjamin (EIS September 2010)

“Practical approach with valuable feedback.”
Vincent (EIS September 2010)

“Well structured and involved more practical work than I had thought, building my confidence and allowing me to practice on feedback provided.  Would recommend.”
Nicholas (EIS September 2010)

“Helpful and interactive.”
Kathryn (EIS September 2010)

“Very good.”
Manisha (EIS September 2010)

“Positive exercises in confidence, body language and the star format.  A fantastic chance to gain interview skills.”
Simon (EIS September 2010)

“I enjoyed the day, it was very useful.  The trainer was good and created a lovely atmosphere.”
Elina (EIS September 2010)

“Very interactive, friendly and well tailored to individual needs.  More useful than I expected.  Very friendly and experienced trainer with lots of advice to offer.”
Tom (FPS September 2010)

“Entertaining, learnt great tips, learnt about myself and how I behave.  Funny, lots of learning, tips that are not obvious.”
Nadege, Glion Management Services SarL (FPS September 2010)

“It was informative, enjoyable and still helped with new skills and aids for improving your presenting.”
Steve, DP World (FPS September 2010)

“Interesting information, very well designed.  Pragmatic, learning by doing, very useful.”
Jose (FPS September 2010)

“Given awareness and tips to help confidence giving presentations.  Very good, worth going on.”
David, Invoice Finance Consultancy (UK) Ltd (FPS September 2010)

“Loved every minute.  The trainer was clear and enjoyed helping the class.  Excellent course to develop your skills and learn new ones.”
Paul, Invoice Finance Consultancy (UK) Ltd (FPS September 2010)

“Excellent trainer, very clear and structured day.  Would recommend.”
Margaret (FPS September 2010)

“Very friendly and open.  Would recommend.”
Colin (FPS September 2010)

“Really good as was small group.  Informative, interesting and motivational.”
Gavin (FPS September 2010)

“The workshop was excellent, the format works well and the trainer was excellent and considerate of individual needs.  Great value for money and worth recommending.”
Kelly, Adelphi International Research (FPS September 2010)

“Good tips, feedback and great to have the opportunity to practice.  Would recommend.”
Haydon (FPS September 2010)

“Good sized group, with honest comments and techniques.  Useful, insightful, hard, and fun.”
Beckie (FPS September 2010)

“Very good, learnt very useful skills.  Glad I attended.”
Ben (FPS September 2010)

“Very informative and better than I expected.”
Steve (FPS September 2010)

“Extremely well thought out course.  Great trainer.  Will help in both private and working life.  useful, informative, fun.”
Louise (FPS September 2010)

“The workshop was very good for confidence building and lots of useful tips.  Very effective and worthwhile.”
Gaynor (EPS September 2010)

“Found it very beneficial, good techniques and excellent trainer.  An excellent course for improving confidence.”
Gillian (EPS September 2010)








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