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September 2009 – Training Feedback

“Very interactive – you gain more from the experience.”
Peter, TechniSat Digital UK Ltd (ECS Sept 09)

“Helpful feedback. Tailored sessions to meet the needs of the group. Supportive environment.”
Natalie (ECS Sept 09)

“Extremely knowledgeable and interactive trainer”
Joanne, Historic Royal Palaces (ECS Sept 09)

“Fun, practical, good pace and easy to follow. Tailored to individual needs. Pleased I came – the trainer was great!”
Tanya, Anderson Sturgess Vetinary Specialists (ECS Sept 09)

“Very interactive – good balance of exercise and techniques. Good number of people and good timing all together.”
Janeta (ECS Sept 09)

“Very useful – lots of practice and valuable pointers from an experienced viewpoint.”
Benjamin (FPS Sept 09)

“Workshop is very practical and rewarding. Skills acquired are essential. Exciting and rewarding.”
Ogechi, Eon Nigeria (FPS Sept 09)

“Excellent trainer, made me feel relaxed and confident – very encouraging. Very positive and informative – highly recommended.”
Thiaan (FPS Sept 09)

“It was excellent. Fantastically useful day. Enjoyable and worthwhile.”
Paul, Sheffield University Students Union (FPS Sept 09)

“The trainer was really good at building rapport and creating a safe learning environment. A great way to build confidence and find your voice in giving presentations.”
Zoi, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (FPS Sept 09)

“Extremely helpful! Overall an enjoyable experience”
Katy (FPS Sept 09)

“Trainer was very encouraging. Very helpful exercises.”
Joanne, Newham College of Further Education (FPS Sept 09)

“A large amount of material was covered and I found it all very useful.”
William, Agent Oriented Software (FPS Sept 09)

“Workshop was effective – the trainer was very good and made you feel relaxed.”
Daksha, LEC Communications Ltd (FPS Sept 09)

“It was very good – gave me the tips to organise a good presentation.”
Piergiorgio, Kema (FPS Sept 09)

“This is the first presentation I had and it has been very helpful”
Jenny, ISTD (FPS Sept 09)

“My confidence has grown and I now believe in myself. Fabulous! Fabulous! Love it and the trainer is a star.”
Donna, Gateway Family Services (EPS Sept 09)

“Pleasantly surprised and very useful.”
Elaine, NHS Improvement (EPS Sept 09)

“Excellent trainer.”
Ogechi, Eon Nigeria (EPS Sept 09)

“Really excellent – difficult to fault.”
Sean, Seven Collaborative Solutions (EPS Sept 09)

“It was helpful to have a small group for individual attention.”
Diane, Amgen Ltd (EPS Sept 09)

“Great interactive nature, well segmented, interesting, varied, encouraging. Our trainer was quick to remedy weaknesses. Excellent session – very useful.”
Frances, Amgen Ltd (EPS Sept 09)

“Individual attention was excellent. Provided with points to watch. Excellent trainer provided great feedback to help develop my skills.”
Mary, Amgen Ltd (EPS Sept 09)

“Good amount of time to present. Good exercises.”
Melanie, Cambridgeshire YOS (EPS Sept 09)

“Very interactive – a difference to other courses I’ve attended. The trainer led everyone through a lot of material and gave some very useful tools for future use.”
Alex, Selex Galileo UK (EPS Sept 09)

“It was a very friendly environment that allowed you to concentrate on improving your presentation style.”
Christopher, MA Healthcare Ltd (EPS Sept 09)

“Wasn’t keen on attending – very glad I did! Well worth it.”
Yvonne, Renaissance Yorkshire (EPS Sept 09)

“Made to feel happier about presenting.”
Fiona, University of York (EPS Sept 09)

“Trainer very good – articulate, friendly and communicative. Well worth attending.”
Robert, VT Aerospace Ltd (EPS Sept 09)

“Enjoyed the day, learnt a lot – just the right balance.”
David, Denholm MacNamee (EPS Sept 09)

“Good to practice and work to improve confidence.”
Miles (EPS Sept 09)

“The structure worked very well. It was fun and there was good voice and posture work. Course was very good.”
Georgia, Trinity College London (FPS Sept 09)

“Extremely useful. I learned about the audience and body language.”
Agapi, KEMA (FPS Sept 09)

“Very useful, eye opener, much better than I expected.”
Matthew, Summit Trade Events Ltd (FPS Sept 09)

“The trainer was excellent – welcoming, encouraging yet forceful (in a positive way) when necessary.”
Miles (FPS Sept 09)

“Very interactive – a lot of good information.”
Todd, Shell Trading (FPS Sept 09)

“I found it extremely helpful. Video recordings really useful.”
Jennifer (EIS Sept 09)

“It is very useful and made me more confident.”
Solange (EIS Sept 09)

“Enjoyable and informative. Useful and worthwhile.”
David, BCM Ltd (EPS Sept 09)

“ Lot to learn but our trainer made it easy. Very worthwhile.”
David, Denhom MacNamee (EPS Sept 09)

“The trainer’s passion and expertise is amazing and infectious. Thoroughly enjoyed my two days. Amazing.”
Joanne, ALW PCT (EPS Sept 09)

“The training was exemplary. The trainer really brought the session to life and managed to get the best from everyone. Highly recommended.”
Andrew, Data-Re Ltd (EPS Sept 09)

“Excellent, informative, structured and confidence building. Brought out excellent results. Hard working interactive course delivering fast and immediate results.”
Phil, Kemet Electronics (EPS Sept 09)

“Very effective – can really put techniques into practice. Interesting and useful.”
Karen, Kemet Electronics (EPS Sept 09)

“Thoroughly enjoyed this and genuinely felt I have the tools now to scrap my original presentation and deliver a far more effective one.”
Emma, QCDA (EPS Sept 09)

“This course was excellent at highlighting areas for improvement and finding ways forward.”
Vicky, Defra (EIS Sept 09)

“Entertaining and introspective. Worth investing in!”
Tushar (EIS Sept 09)

“Very good step to understanding future interviews. Worth going on.”
Mike, Flowserve Pumps (PVI Sept 09)

“Useful exercises and feedback. Small class size. Good, professional.”
Joe, Envirolink Northwest Ltd (PVI Sept 09)

“Friendly atmosphere, good venue, learnt some exercises and think it genuinely helped me.”
Theresa, AMEC (FPS Sept 09)

“Very interesting – good for improving skills.”
Adele, Covidien (FPS Sept 09)








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