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Q4 2008 – Training Feedback

“It was very good to have someone teaching about things people don’t normally think about, i.e posture & breathing.”
Alex, (EIS Dec 08).

“Chris was an excellent trainer. I found the whole of the workshop exceptionally useful, and it has boosted my confidence considerably.”
Jackie, (EIS Dec 08).

“Made me understand where I was going wrong when answering my questions in interviews by doing role play. Found it very useful when I was made to re-say my answer after Chris had given me advice.”
Amanda, The Insolvency Service, (EIS Dec 08).

“Great that it was a small group, lots of practical exercise and individual feedback (constructive).”
Bas, QAD Netherlands, (PVI Dec 08).

“Excellent course, very well delivered, great personal feedback.”
Matt, (PVI Dec 08).

“Friendly, enjoyable and interesting.”
Ayesha, London Borough of Newham, (PVI Dec 08).

“Very good workshop. Marcia made us work hard which I found really good. Thank you!”
S, CLS Communication, (EPS Dec 08).

“Practice of actually doing presentations are very good. There is no other way to improve than actually going through the work of doing a presentation.”
Marc, Kraft Foods Europe GmBH, (EPS Dec 08).

“Lots of practice – good feedback from the trainer and other participants – good atmosphere,”
Virginie, Kraft Foods, (EPS Dec 08).

“All very good. Very interactive, good feedback and feel more able as a result.”
Mike, Foursys Ltd, (FPS Dec 08).

“A variety of things to do which got me out of my comfort zone. Chris Penney was extremely observant of all individuals and gave good feedback.”
Serena, IFS Defence, (FPS Dec 08).

“Really useful, trainer excellent and kept me engaged and interested the whole day.”
Teri, School Food Trust, (ECS Nov 08).

“Interactive, fun, and knowledgeable. Informative and very useful for all views of life. Good sized course.”
CJ, ServiceMaster Manchester, (ECS Nov 08).

“Confidence boosted, learnt techniques I never knew existed.”
Adam, Employment Law Advisory Services, (ECS Nov 08).

“The workshop worked at a pace that allowed you to understand and develop techniques without being pressured. Alison made us feel welcome and comfortable from the start. Her presentation and skills were outstanding. I wish all my courses were this much fun.”
Ian, Polyone Corporation, (EPS Nov 08).

“Very supportive environment, excellent mix of interactive activities. I feel a lot more confident now. Alison was energetic and very approachable, excellent!”
Helen, Hackney Council, (EPS Nov 08).

“Very well structured, clear progression from day 1 to 2. Interesting group exercises, useful supportive environment, and a very engaging trainer. This course and the First Presentation Skills course I did previously both left me with a much more positive attitude toward presenting.”
Aidan, (EPS Nov 08).

“Lots of practical tips which is what I wanted, the day just flew by. Chris is an excellent facilitator and I particularly like the ongoing feedback . Really liked the group of people.”
Susan, Texas Instruments Ltd, (PVI Nov 08).

“Very interactive and positive workshop. Took me out of my comfort zone in a very positive way. Very enjoyable positive course.”
Sally, Shell, (PVI Nov 08).

“The workshop was excellent and exceeded my expectations. The exercises and practise was really useful and I will definitely be able to apply the techniques at work. The trainer was excellent. I really enjoyed it!”
Julie, HMRC, (PVI Nov 08).

“I enjoyed the ease of communication from trainer, she was easy to understand and very approachable. Small group meant I that I understood what I was being told. Excellent workshop.”
Sylvia, Teva UK Limited, (FPS Nov 08).

“Very clear and concise trainer. Very structured with no stone unturned. Very reassuring to the delegates with everybody kept at ease.”
Nigel, Yara UK Limited, (FPS Nov 08).

“Relaxed environment, trainer was excellent, good confidence builder. A good foundation to my presenting career.”
Rick, (FPS Nov 08).

“Excellent, very flexible and considerate.”
Wayne, JTA, (FPS Oct 08).

“Excellent in building confidence and giving feedback straight away about issues. Trainer was excellent and made the day fun.”
Nicky, Swanswell Charitable Trust, (FPS Oct 08).

“It shows you how important the structure and practising is to try and avoid the fear, and it will prevent the common problems. Very good course.”
Emma, Birmingham Pressings Ltd, (FPS Oct 08).

“Excellent workshop learnt so much – can’t wait to make my first work presentation.”
Jessica, Wyatt International Ltd, (FPS Oct 08).

“I was reserved before I came and totally objected to take part in seminars within my business – I intend to prepare one for next week – first thing in the morning, Loved it – thank you!”
Samantha, (FPS Oct 08).

“Feel a lot more confident about speaking – great feedback and advice.”
Jodie, Adinstruments Ltd, (EPS Oct 08).

“Very positive and useful trainer made the workshop enjoyable and engaging.”
David, Zetechtics Ltd, (EPS Oct 08).

“Very helpful in building/reinforcing confidence and indentifying areas for future improvement.”
Richard, CJ Associates, (EPS Oct 08).

“Extremely dynamic. The personal experience that James was able to bring gave this course a very unique style. Invaluable skills.”
Amy, Clark McKay and Walpole Ltd, (PPS Oct 08).

“I think the energy of the trainer was infectious and having sat through lots of presentation skills courses this was the most valuable (because of the feedback & opportunities to practice) the hardest work and most fun.“
Helen, Adelphi Communications, (PPS Oct 08).

“Allowed me to see mistakes in others that I know I do myself. Overall worthwhile. Will need practice which will make the difference.”
Stephen, (EIS Oct 08).

“Excellent trainer, clear, confident really knew subject and very able to work with each individuals challenges. Great course – well done to Alison.”
Helen, GlaxoSmithKline, (PVI Oct 08).

“Excellent feedback/interpretation. Trainer very aware of skill sets required and able to articulate what is required for improvement.”
Julie, (PVI Oct 08).

“Very interactive and useful points for improvement. Excellent booklet.”
Simon, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, (PVI Oct 08).

“Great techniques in communication effectiveness from the facilitator.”
Isaiah, Transocean Inc., (ECS Oct 08).

“Lots of useful exercises and techniques.”
Sinead Cassidy, CFE, (ECS Oct 08).








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