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Q4 2007 – Training Feedback

“Very relaxed and friendly environment. Practical sessions enabled me to take in more information.”
Brian, Prospects for People with Learning Disabilities. (ECS Dec 07)

“Highlighted individuals worries and problems. Confidence has been boosted following role plays.”
Dominic. Royal Academy of Engineering. (ECS Dec 07)

“Really varied, engaging, comfortable, learnt a lot – good clear messages from trainer.”
Faye, Royal Academy of Engineering. (ECS Dec 07)

It was very good, very interesting and I genuinely believe it is going to help my work and me as an individual.
Katie, Leicester City Council. (PVI Dec 07)

The workshop was really useful for me as it helped me identify key areas for development. I feel I have improved as a result. It exceeded my expectations!
Robert, Roche Diagnostics Ltd (PVI Dec 07)

“A great workshop – I’m sure I will find this really useful. Lots of useful techniques and information.”
Alison, The National Archives. (FPS Dec 07)

“Very useful – good to have a combination of practical and theory, and have choice to practice and prepare own presentation. Chris was encouraging yet gave areas to develop.”
Rachel, Hightown Praetorian and Churches Housing Association. (FPS Dec 07)

“Good information and well run course.”
Tim, Arbuthnot Securities (FPS Dec 07)

“The format of the day was logical and well presented. An easy to learn and enjoyable course. Very good an experience well worth undergoing.”
Kevin, West Yorkshire Police. (FPS Dec 07)

“Very useful techniques – will enable me to undertake presentations to a very high standard. The trainer, Mike was brilliant, a great pleasure to meet him.”
Gurdev, Help the Aged. (FPS Dec 07)

“Mike soon put us all at ease. Any initial nerves were soon eliminated.”
Kevin (FPS Dec 07)

“It was extremely useful to learn the skills to disguise nerves, and help with the voice. This workshop will definitely help me in the workplace (not just at presenting but in general).”
Lorraine, AGCO Limited. (FPS Dec 07)

“Enjoyed the two days – found Mike’s style to be very helpful and encouraging. Found the course very informative – learning the different techniques on how to structure and delivery presentations effectively.”
Jean, Greggs plc. (EPS Dec 07)

“James’s delivery was really good and he managed to incorporate all the concerns and fears of the group, and found all the techniques to alleviate them.”
June, Children’s Services Department. (EPS Dec 07)

“Very helpful to know the others suffer the same nerves and that with the same training and techniques there are ways to move away from the nerves.”
Jenny, Egmont UK. (EPS Dec 07)

“Very helpful, confidence levels were increased. Good at controlling nervousness.”
Ben (EIS Dec 07)

“I thought it was excellent. Addressed many of my fears about public speaking and gave me good ways of overcoming my fears through breathing, voice control, etc.”
John, St Andrews Links Trust. (FPS Nov 07)

“I enjoyed this course. It exceeded my expectations.”
Nick, Reuters. (FPS Nov 07)

“Gained a lot more confidence and now able to manage nerves better to become a more effective speaker.”
Mark (FPS Nov 07)

“Positive attitude of trainer made workshop enjoyable and incredibly useful. I feel much more confident as a result of the course.”
Lisa, Chiene & Tait CA. (FPS Nov 07)

“Very good, useful, practical exercises putting into practice the theory . David was a helpful trainer, put us at ease with good advice. Helpful to have a course for inexperienced presenters rather than one dealing with all levels of presenter. Excellent Course.”
Jo, Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. (FPS Nov 07)

“Really useful, friendly supportive environment. David was informative, helpful and made the day really interesting. One of the best I have attended – fantastic.”
Claire, De La Rue plc. (FPS Nov 07)

“Great, very practical in nature with personal comments, goals, and development plans. I felt a visible improvement over the course of the two days.”
Olivia, Turner Broadcasting Systems Europe Ltd. (EPS Nov 07)

“Very helpful. Personally tailored comments and development, within a structure of general (useful) exercises.”
Nicci, Waterwise Project. (EPS Nov 07)

“Well structured, very good exercises, knowledgeable and insightful instructor, welcoming environment.”
Allison, Norgine Ltd. (EPS Nov 07)

“Excellent workshop. Very relaxed atmosphere. Trainer trying to push you to get the best out of you which is excellent.”
Paul, Prevista Ltd. (FPS Nov 07)

“Personalised advice/feedback was incredibly useful. Helen was very knowledgeable about all aspects of the course and extremely patient!”
Melissa RS Components. (FPS Nov 07)

“Great way of getting confident for presentations. Very well presented!”
Sam, Specsavers Opticians. (FPS Nov 07)

“Very relaxed, so allows you to be more confident with presentation. A lot of useful criticism.”
Laura (FPS Nov 07)

“I enjoyed this course immensely. I felt comfortable with the others in the group and felt Julia put everything across really clearly. It was very important for me to develop my listening skills and I felt this course has helped me a great deal in this respect.”
Philippa (ECS Nov 07)

“Gave me more confidence on a social and work level. Mike is very good at what he does and would certainly attend another course run by him.”
Joanne, Williams Medical Supplies. (ECS Nov 07)

“The trainer made you feel good about yourself and gave positive feedback to everybody.”
Jackie, Williams Medical Supplies. (ECS Nov 07)

“Very useful and focused on group as well as individual needs.”
Janette, Birmingham Youth Service. (ECS Nov 07)

“Very effective, learned a lot about different people looking forward to trying out my communication.”
Dylan, WRTL Exterior Lighting (ECS Nov 07)

“All very good indeed. Tailored to our needs and extremely responsive as we brought up individual requirements.”
Jenni, BSDG, Oxford University Press. (PPS Nov 07)

“Using video recording proved invaluable to improving interview technique. Chris made some very good suggestions that I will put into practice at future interviews.”
Ian (EIS Nov 07)

“Chris the trainer really knows what he is talking about which gives the delegate the confidence to participate.”
Paul, Holiday Taxis. (PVI Nov 07)

“I enjoyed the workshop and found it useful. Some of the exercises were fun.”
Yadevinder (PVI Nov 07)

“It was a fun day and also a very informative day.”
John (PVI Nov 07)

“Very informal setting. Alison interacted well with all participants – emphasising the positives and showed empathy for the negatives and suggested ways to improve.”
Dillip, Arab Banking Corporation. (PPS Oct 07)

“Small group helped with focus, took away nerves, great course. Feel great about presenting.”
Mark, Stanley UK (PPS Oct 07)

“Engaging and well structured. Good group dynamic encouraged and sustained.”
Patrick, DMW Group (PPS Oct 07)

“Hands-on, flexible, personal, interesting. Good tips/skills.”
Andy, Stanley Sales UK (PPS Oct 07)

“Good balance between delivery and theory. Key aspect was positive thinking and relaxation techniques, plus constructive feedback.”
Rachel, Homeloan Management Ltd. (FPS Oct 07)

“Great exercises to get the group thinking about pace, breathing and how to structure a presentation.”
Bindi, Impetus Consulting Ltd. (FPS Oct 07)

“Very interactive and engaging. Helen was very good at making sure we changed and became better presenters without being patronising.”
Rene, RS Components. (FPS Oct 07)

“The size of the group was excellent. Well structured day, good opportunity for all to be involved and practice techniques. Excellent atmosphere. Chris is professional and approachable. His feedback is accurate and well balanced.”
Zara (PVI Oct 07)

“Excellent very useful. Very well structured, good ice breaking techniques, very good involvement of all participants.”
Teresa (PVI Oct 07)

“Made my nerves for presenting a lot easier to handle.”
Katherine, Health Professions Council (PVI Oct 07)

“I found it thoroughly enjoyable and hugely beneficial James was a fantastic trainer.”
Stephen (EPS Oct 07)

“Very good, useful. Will be helpful with future presentations, and getting the audience more involved & better listening/appreciation.”
Nigel, CJ Associates. (EPS Oct 07)

“Excellent Trainer, Excellent Content.”
Scott, Applied Weighing International. (EPS Oct 07)








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