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Q3 2008 – Training Feedback

“I would highly recommend it to both novice and more experienced speakers. The supportive environment and energy made it a real pleasure to learn and improve. Chris is fantastic, very considered and supportive. I liked the way he moved things around in the programme to suit our needs as a group and encouraged and praised our individual strengths.”
Daniela, NHS Institution for Innovation & Improvement, (EPS Sep 08).

“Really enjoyed my 2 days. The trainer adapted the workshop to the group’s individual needs. Video was very helpful to watch yourself and feedback was also very useful.”
Clary, (EPS Sep 08).

“Very interesting and enjoyable course”.
Alex, CJ Associates, (EPS Sep 08).

“Great trainer, felt comfortable and positively encouraged.”
Monika, F.Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, (FPS Sep 08).

“Very useful in building confidence. Trainer made whole group feel at ease immediately.”
Jessica, Kerio Technologies UK Ltd, (FPS Sep 08).

“Was relatively apprehensive about the day but found it interactive and informed. Enjoyed the challenge of preparing and presenting the presentation within a short time frame. Proved to be highly beneficial in becoming more confident.”
Sam, Marathon Asset Management, (FPS Sep 08).

“It was useful to see myself on film and get the feedback in a positive way.”
Rachel, Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, (SBL Sep 08).

“Very well presented, interactive and very relevant to the workplace.”
Wendy, Forest Heath District Council, (SBL Sep 08).

“Neal is a very engaging presenter and trainer. He made the sessions very practical and relevant.”
Pippa, University of Bedfordshire, (PVI Sep 08).

“I actually can’t believe how much you can learn in a day! Neal (our trainer) clearly loved his job and his enthusiasm was apparent and infectious. Good stuff!”
Sally, (PVI Sep 08).

“I was really nervous attending the course but quickly changed to be relaxed by Steve’s positive feedback. Steve was a fantastic trainer and has now given me confidence to deliver better presentations.”
John, (FPS Sep 08).

“It has helped me to gain more confidence, building rapport with audience, structure body language and eye contact. Steve has really been a great tutor.”
Paul, Cargill Plc, (FPS Sep 08).

“Alison makes people feel at ease and welcome, this made the course interesting and effective.”
Chaweevan, Moneygram International Ltd, (ECS Sep 08).

“Very interesting makes you think about the concept of interviews and what is expected of you as the interviewee.”
Yolande, Ealing Council, (EIS AUG 08).

“I felt as though the course allowed me to learn new skills and has given me exercises to go and practise with – it was also enjoyable.”
Kirsten, Blythwood Group, (ECS AUG 08).

“I have been to communication workshops before – this was by far the best.”
Jennifer, (ECS AUG 08).

“Excellent facilitation – this more than anything else provided an example of an effective presentation style. Good pace of programme. Positive energy, constructive feedback. Also good control of group dynamics. Excellent – thank you.”
Aislin, DFID, (EPS Aug 08).

“A great course – lots of useful, practical advice. Thank you.”
Lisa, Graveney Primary School, (EPS Aug 08).

“Very engaging and interesting. Variety of skills talked about giving lots of food for thought. Many opportunities to practice in front of others. Neal has lots of relevant experience and knowledge and is very observant.”
Katherine, AD Instruments, (EPS Aug 08).

“It was above my expectations, very good.”
Virgine, Energy Quote, (FPS Aug 08).

“It’s a great environment to practice. Yes its still scary, but you know that everyone else is feeling the same way. Also great trainer!”
SL, (FPS Aug 08).

“Helpful thoughtful feedback. Experienced trainer with lots of useful insight.”
Derek, Tristone Capital Limited, (PPS Aug 08).

“Excellent trainer, with great experience. Great techniques for improving presentations.”
Adam, DMW Group, (PPS Aug 08).

“Not only did it help with the issues I felt I faced, it was done in a steady comfortable manner.”
Steve, (FPS Aug 08).

“I’ve come away feeling more confident with lots of things to practice. Perhaps this is the first course on this area (there have been many) that has really made a difference.”
Charlotte, MOD, (ECS Jul 08).

“Easy to follow and understand. Made me reflect on my present communication skills. Alison was easy to approach and made me feel at ease.”
Kathryn, Cambs & Peterborough Foundation Trust, (ECS Jul 08).

“I was amazed at how people changed throughout the day. The trainer did very well incorporating everyone’s needs.”
Sarah, System Associates Ltd, (FPS Jul 08).

“Trainer was very professional – background in acting very relevant.”
Karl, Royal College of Radiologists, (EPS Jul 08).

“It was quite focussed. Well structured and an excellent trainer.”
Sanjay, GIC of India UK Branch, (EPS Jul 08).

“Lovely relaxed informal group, positive encouraging feedback, continued development.”
Rachel, Hichens Harrison & Co, (EPS Jul 08).

“An excellent course which met/exceeded my expectations, thanks to Robin’s excellent exercises and his ability to make the group feel at ease. Almost immediately my presentation skills have improved very quickly. I was amazed how much difference only two days of training can make.”
Claudia, CIGNA International, (EPS Jul 08).

“Robin is an excellent teacher and facilitator – his style compliments my learning style! Would highly recommend the course.”
Jan, The Stable Family Home Trust, (PPS Jul 08).

“This course made me far more aware of how to use my natural personality traits effectively and how to surpress these where necessary and adopt slightly different traits.”
Dawn, Havelock Europa PLC, (ECS Jul 08).

“Very good practical workshop and examples. Course was made ‘fun’ and therefore a good/positive learning environment.”
Carla, Mitchells & Butlers plc, (ECS Jul 08).

“Excellent, learnt so much. Gained so much confidence ‘Hallelujah’! Trainer was superb.”
Mike, Southern Co-operatives Ltd, (PVI Jul 08).

“Well run and enjoyable. A good pace, Helen was very informative. I liked understanding the biology behind voice issues.”
Zephanie, COLT Telecom, (PVI Jul 08).

“I think it was fantastic – I’m glad that we had lots of development exercises before we were called upon to present as they released the group. Luan is a very engaging and supportive trainer.”
Pam, (FPS Jul 08).

“Good size with regard to delegate numbers – not too many in the group. Good feedback and it didn’t feel that anyone was being criticised. I found the course was very informative and not at all intimidating.”
Victoria, Kronos Systems Limited, (FPS Jul 08).

“Used the material brought by people in group. Was a friendly group and felt at ease, well facilitated by Chris.”
Vicky, (EIS Jul 08).

“The trainer was very good and made time for the delegates to have their say, even if they were shy and quiet”.
Hannah, (EIS Jul 08).

“Good group, Helpful and informative. I really enjoyed participating, felt comfortable and most importantly I learnt a lot about my interview skills.”
Sam, Bolton PCT, (EIS Jul 08).








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