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Q2 2008 – Training Feedback

“The workshop could pinpoint the areas where I needed to develop. Based on the suggestions received from the trainer, I could sense myself making changes during presenting resulting in improvement.”
AS, GIC of India, (EPS Jun 08).

“Great teacher, and is good on focus on each persons needs.”
David, Vopak, (EPS Jun 08).

“Well structured. Good advice – great exercises.”
Michael, (FPS Jun 08).

“Addressed the areas I needed training in.”
Liam, Citizens Online, (FPS Jun 08).

“Made me feel more confident, more capable.”
Julia, Marubeni-Komatsu Limited, (FPS Jun 08).

“I really enjoyed the day and found what it has taught me excellent. I now can’t wait to do a presentation.”
Emma, E & D Associates, (FPS Jun 08).

“I feel much more confident in standing up and speaking while people are watching me. Mike delivered the workshop in an interesting manner.”
Claire, (FPS Jun 08).

“I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great confidence builder.”
Greg, (FPS Jun 08).

“Helped to identify weaknesses and gave advice and strategies to deal with them. Patient and gave time to absorb information and practice. The expertise of the trainer was extremely useful, particularly in voice techniques.”
Catherine, CJ Associates, (EPS Jun 08).

“Excellent trainer – useful exercises and also good for confidence building.”
Helen, Brusselkontoret, (EPS Jun 08).

“Very useful, practical advice on how to overcome specific problem areas, I like the group feedback element of the workshop as well as having expert advice of the trainer.”
Sue, Kent Wildlife Trust, (EPS Jun 08).

“Until the course, I did not realise how important the breathing is when presenting. The description and explanation of different types of people, was essential in the course.”
Stephen, Blowfish Digital, (ECS Jun 08).

“It was full of valuable exercises and the entire group participation was very useful. The group and trainer made me feel comfortable enough to present without fear.”
Sophie, The Stationary Office, (ECS Jun 08).

“Well conducted and focussed towards group and individual needs. Excellent and clearly delivered.”
RGL, Berkshire Riding Centre, (ECS Jun 08).

“Lots of good tips and feedback and practice opportunities. Really good to be part of a mixed group and meet people from different backgrounds.”
Ann, SOVA, (PVI Jun 08).

“The workshop exceeded my expectations. I feel more confident about my voice and now have access to a wide range of techniques to improve such an important asset.”
Satbir, (PVI Jun 08).

“I have always ‘Sat on the chair’ never thought that it supported my position. Breathing, relaxation and projection were fab! Very good day, practical, realistic, and achievable with lots of practise – Thank you.”
Samantha, Buckinghamshire County Council, (PVI Jun 08).

“Great mix of individuals and backgrounds.”
James, (EIS Jun 08).

“Was great having feedback and watching yourself on video.”
BD, Sitra Services, (EIS Jun 08).

“It was good to see how everyone answers the same question. Watching myself on the playback was useful.”
Cassandra, Notting Hill Housing Trust, (EIS Jun 08).

“Great involvement, both with the trainer and with the other delegates.”
Mike, Lamri Ltd, (PPS Jun 08).

“Alison is a very talented communicatior and trainer – made significant difference in the results of this workshop.”
George, JPMorgan Asset Management, (PPS Jun 08).

“The workshop was excellent, enjoyable and I can see and feel an improvement in my presentation skills already. I also throught the group dynamics were great – really nice to meet.”
Gail, South Central NHS, (PPS Jun 08).

“Trainer was able to motivate a diverse group through use of a variety of techniques – and explain what the purpose of the exercises were.”
Diamond, University College London, (PPS Jun 08).

“Very good, I didn’t know what to expect , but I certainly found it useful. Alison made me feel comfortable in the setting. Good use of examples too.”
Lisa, Tomkins plc, (ECS May 08).

“The most useful one day course I have ever attended. Excellent trainer, very practical, no PowerPoint! Good number of delegates! An excellent investment of my personal development training budget 10/10!”
Kevin, Websense, (PVI May 08).

“Very energetic and lively atmosphere and Chris promoted the desired “safe” space for all to participate. Feedback was very constructive and reinforcing positives.”
Amy, Ash Gaming Ltd, (PVI May 08).

“A very useful workshop – I feel much more confident now, and am aware of the areas I need to work on.”
Alison, The National Archives, (EPS May 08).

“First presentation course that I have come away from feeling improved.”
Paul, Applied Biosystems, (EPS May 08).

“Really well structured, good interaction with other members of group and tutor. Excellent to get feedback – both positive and tips on how to improve.
Carys, Dunbia (Llanybydder), (EPS May 08).

“Robin is an outstanding presenter and workshop leader. I have learned a great deal, much of it practical and very useful.”
Derek, Francis Bacon MCC, (PPS May 08).

“Very interactive and positive. Good assessment of the people attending the workshop by the trainer. Will be very useful in future presentations.”
Souganthy, NHS North West Deanery, (FPS May 08).

“Gave me confidence where previously I didn’t have much at all. Good basic grounding in how to write and present.”
Jon, JD Graphics, (FPS May 08).

“As someone who was dreading this, I actually enjoyed the course, remarkably enjoyed parts of my presentation. Excellent course, one of the best I’ve been on. All issues addressed in a very personal and interactive way.”
Rob, Shell UK, (FPS May 08).

“It was full on but all the practical experience was just what I needed, getting straight in there!, Much more confident now; feel prepared to go and build on this.”
Rachel (EIS Apr 08)

“Good structure to the day – development was clear by the end.”
Prianca, (EIS Apr 08)

“A well prepared course full of life time examples and excellent demos which were well targeted. I was able to visualise how other people perceive me in terms of how I come across. The course helped a lot on body language.”
WT, Interwoven (ECS Apr 08)

“It was very useful, Chris was great in assessing the techniques and the course flow.”
Amir, Genesys Telecommunications, (PVI Apr 08).

“Excellent training. It’s hard to believe the difference in one day. The nerve control techniques are very good.”
David, Fibatech Industries Ltd (FPS Apr 08)

“The workshop has taught me many skills which I will use for marketing presentations, not only on how to calm my nerves but also how to compose a good presentation.”
Paula, Cellar Trends Limited (FPS Apr 08)

“Brilliant, gave me a real idea on how to combat the nerves I had when I arrived.”
Geoff, BPEC (FPS Apr 08)

“David was brilliant – he really made people feel comfortable & confident.”
Holly, RHS (FPS Apr 08)

“Very interactive, good contents; I did everything I hated but still by the end I really enjoyed & made tremendous improvement in such a short period of time. David was really helpful & encouraging!”
Christina (FPS Apr 08)

“Great style, good number on course, good to have somebody from Robin’s background to talk to about these issues.”
Aidan, The Defence Academy of the UK , (EPS Apr 08)

“Lots of activity and opportunity to practice in a safe environment with lots of support & feedback from James. Has made me review techniques and provided me with an array of new skills – looking into the emotions – think/feel/do”
James, Met Police (PPS Apr 08)

“Really good session. I found the whole day really informative and would definitely recommend to others. Marcia was very personable and fun!!”
Dominic (FPS Apr 08)








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