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Q2 2006 – Training Feedback

“I found the course really useful and the practical elements really helped me to get over some of the fear of presenting and learn some new techniques to use in the future.”
Britannia Building Society (EPS Jun 06)

“The course was great! I really feel that I walked away confident that I’d learnt a lot and improved my skills. This feeling was borne out at the end of the week when I put things to the test by giving a short presentation at a meeting at the NHS trust. It was an excellent course and I will certainly be recommending it to others. Should I require any further work in the area of presentation Skillstudio will be my first choice.”
Amber Valley Association for Mental Health (EPS Jun 06)

“It’s encouraging and useful to know that you offer such a good service. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our trainer – Mike for such a fantastic day and for the amazing work he did yesterday.”
NRICC (FPS Jun 06)

“Thank you for two days of very good presentations training in London. I really enjoyed it and I now have a much better understanding of my strengths as well as areas where I can improve myself. I thought the course was well put together, all the participants motivated, keen and supportive of each other. Equally important, your teaching was first class and your emphasis on vocal delivery and body language was exactly what I was hoping for.”
Barco Media & Entertainment (EPS Jun 06)

“I thought that the effective presentation skills training course was the best, well structured, well run course I have ever attended. The trainer (sandra) was fantastic, she kept the group going from 9 – 5 and it was always interesting and informative. I believe I have all the skills now needed to carryout the presentation aspect of my role.”
Patient & Public Involvement in Health (EPS Jun 06)

“I’d like to say that I thought the first presentation skills course was first class on Mon 15th May at Manchester.  Steve was a fantastic teacher and really got the best out of the group. He focused on each person’s reason for being there without making them feel weak.”
LM (personal booking – FPS May 06)

“Thank you – the course was very good and extremely informative”
Kent Football Association (FPS May 06)

“Really great course! I actually found myself enjoying presenting – which I never thought would happen – Thank you!!”
Chrysalis Radio (FPS May 06)

“Just to let you know the workshop was great, very useful.  Thanks for your help with booking it.”
CD (personal booking – EIS May 06)

“Thanks for that. The course was very good indeed, I really enjoyed it.”
University of Greenwich (EPS May 06)

“I found the course very useful and interesting. The trainer was extremely competent and ensured that the course was tailored to the needs of those participating as much as possible. She was constantly supportive and built on the strengths of the participants rather than looking at weaknesses which I found very positive. Having a small course of just 6 people also meant more was gained.”
Ethical Property Company (FPS May 06)

“I really enjoyed the course and the Trainer, Chris, was excellent. I thought the content of the course and handout content were good as well. I would recommend using you again to our training department.”
B & CE Benefits (PVI May 06)

“This is the best training I’ve attended – dynamic, interesting and good exercise.”
Transport for London (FPS Apr 06)

“Mike was a professional and informed trainer. I have been on a number of presentation courses. This one is the best by far.”
Peugeot Motor Company (EPS Apr 06)

“It really was a great course. Great structure, superb course leader – I’m a very happy customer!”
RD (personal booking – PPS Apr 06)

“I would just like to say how glad I am that I attended your 1st presentation course in London a couple of weeks ago. It really gave me confidence and taught me a lot about how to prepare and to think about the ways in which you can use your voice and body language. I did a best man’s speech to an audience of 120 last weekend. It was one of the most daunting things ive ever done, but it actually went really well and everyone laughed in the right places. Attending your course had a massive part to play in how well the speech went. I would be grateful if you could pass my thanks on to Neal who ran the course.”
TC (personal booking – FPS Apr 06)

“Well! feedback is all positive. I feel very much more prepared. David was a relaxed, able and very supportive trainer.The skill of standing before an audience and speaking taps into ancient fears for most people. The course enabled me to understand that, more important than content is delivery – content is a given! otherwise you wouldn’t be up there! Thank you.”
CB (personal booking – EPS Apr 06)

“For a one-day course we have covered a tremendous amount. It was fun and interesting. Thank you.”
Prospect (ECS Apr 06)

“Excellent Course.”
Friends Provident (PVI Apr 06)








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