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Q1 2008 – Training Feedback

“Steve made us all very relaxed and helped in a manner that was without the ‘pressure to perform’ ”.
James, JLG Industries Ltd, (EPS Mar 08)

“Incredibly inspiring, offering opportunity to break boundaries of comfort zone in a friendly informal environment. I will leave this course with more self-belief and the tools to make a more positive, effective presentation.
Eve, Ossur UK (EPS Mar 08)

“It was really a ‘powerful’ presentation course and very interactive. The trainer made us think on our feet. It was extremely useful and I would like to know more about other courses you run.”
Gisela, (PPS Mar 08)

“The presenter very effectively challenged each of our assumptions and led us to a new way of working with it”
Kieran, Lamri, (PPS Mar 08)

“Brilliant! I normally loathe this kind of course, but James made it extremely enjoyable and entertaining, as well as challenging – I benefited enormously!”
Elaine, Lamri (PPS Mar 08)

“The dynamic of the course was excellent and the practical exercises helped to understand and develop the skills. Using the camera was great as helped understand the issue with the delivery of presentation”
Camilla, Trader Media Group, (EPS Mar 08)

“This has made a huge difference to my presentation skills – watching the video of my final presentation – I couldn’t believe it was the same quiet, nervous person from 2 days ago”
Emma, First Rail Holdings Limited, (EPS Mar 08)

“I really took advantage of the workshop, especially on how to take advantage of my own natural skills and use them in the presentation’s benefit”
Mafalda, (EPS Mar 08)

“Extremely useful range of skills and tools taught. Very supportive and patient teaching style. Very effective and useful, I feel far more confident about my upcoming presentation”
Richard, XL Services UK Limited, (FPS Mar 08)

“This was an excellent course which I really feel I learned a lot from. I had been dreading it but the exercises were fun and put the group at ease. Having others evaluate you was useful and I know what areas I need to work on”
Rachel, Cengage Learning EMEA, (FPS Mar 08)

“The workshop highlighted the things I do sub-consciously and gave me ideas as to techniques I can try in certain situations.”
David, Corus Cogifer Switches & Crossings Limited, (ECS Mar 08).

“The workshop targeted and addressed my communication needs/requirements. Steve showed himself to be an excellent trainer and really knew his subject matter.”
Graham, Jacobs UK, (ECS Mar 08).

“Lots of practical exercises as well as information – much more impact than just sitting and listening. Group interaction and exercises underlined the theory, felt a safe environment to experiment.”
Alison, National Consumer Council, (ECS Mar 08).

“Packed with useful content, no wasted time, lots of activities and feedback. Very personable and engaging, tailored well to entire audience over very compact timescale.”
RS (Sales Manager), COLT Telecom, (PVI Mar 08).

“Fantastically set out and it covered everything I wanted to get out of the day.”
James, (PVI Mar 08)

“Very enjoyable, comfortable environment, enthusiastic trainer, useful feedback. Very effective training methods. Kept my interest the whole way through.”
Fern, Komori UK. (EPS Feb 08)

“The trainer obviously has lots of experience and was spot on about everyone’s issues. The flow was the right pace, I was never bored. Very enjoyable experience.”
Judith, British Council. (EPS Feb 08)

“I felt that as well as looking at the group needs, James was able to give me feedback specific to me so that I could take away issues for me personally to work on.”
Phil, RAF Wyton. (EPS Feb 08)

“Really useful for gaining confidence and tackling nerves. James was fantastic and gave lots of useful tips and feedback. Am now actually looking forward to doing next presentation.”
Sarah, Precise Public Affairs (EPS Feb 08)

“A great teacher, very professional, interesting and made contact with everyone. Active and positive approach from the start of the day.”
Lucy, Zycko Ltd (FPS Feb 08)

“Very clearly presented! Constructive feedback, good advice and very encouraging. Good boost to self esteem knowing I now have the basics.”
Sally (FPS Feb 08)

“Excellent content, very useful tips, it really works!”
Laura, (FPS Feb 08)

“Liked the fact that it took into account peoples needs and didn’t follow a strict format. Catered for individuals as well as the group.”
Lee, HH Associates. (FPS Feb 08)

“I feel enlightened and positive (more so) about my presentation future. The feedback gave me some real insight into my skill as a presenter that was inspiring. Great course, I was better than I thought and have clear areas to work on.”
R.M. (FPS Feb 08)

“Felt at ease and not overly self-conscious, realised that I wasn’t the only one who hated speaking in public and actually it is a very common and acceptable fear. Excellent, thank you!”
Chris (FPS Feb 08)

“Perceptive trainer, good at setting pace and keeping delegates on track. Good to get direct feedback and ability to review on video.”
Richard, DMW Group (PPS Feb 08)

“Extremely valuable session. Will take the guidance and skills Mike has taught me and use effectively! Body Language and parent voice tips excellent.”
Lizzie, First Light Movies (ECS Jan 08)

“Very informative. Trainer was excellent and delivered at appropriate pace. It was amazing to see how each one of the delegates progressed throughout the day!”
Deborah, Echo E-Business Management Ltd (PVI Jan 08)

“Loads of opportunities to practice, very positive group. Nella was a very competent and engaging tutor. Excellent course all round!”
Andrew, Waterwise (PPS Jan 08)

“Nella provided balanced feedback of both positive and negative aspects, but always made the feedback constructive.”
Valerie, Lamri Ltd (PPS Jan 08)

“I found it immensely helpful and the trainer was very good always helpful and encouraging plus very professional.”
Andrea, (EPS Jan 08)

“Really valuable exercises, good fun and will really benefit me in the future.”
Stuart, BP (EPS Jan 08)

“Found this was the best course I’ve been on. Feel confident going back to work and putting into practice.”
Emma, HBOS plc. (EPS Jan 08)

“The workshop has built my confidence which was a real problem before the training. The trainer was brilliant.”
Tina (EPS Jan 08)

“It was very useful to learn more about the physical aspects of presenting, particularly the influence of breathing. It was also invaluable to go over structuring a real presentation, doing the presentation and getting trainer and peer feedback.”
Lynne, National Archives. (FPS Jan 08)

“Good constructive feedback, pace was very manageable. Given good time to practise and ‘breathe’. Helen was very good and enjoyable to listen to.”
Samantha, Brent Knoll School. (FPS Jan 08)

“It was relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the workshop – but was pleasantly surprised by constructive feedback I received – I think it has been of great benefit to me. Was a great confidence booster!”
Rhonda, ISG Academy. (FPS Jan 08)

“Great hands on training. Very engaging. Amazing how much you can learn in one day.”
Matthew, (FPS Jan 08)

“Excellent – Practice sessions where you put theory into practice. One of the most useful courses I’ve ever taken.”
Annie, Postwatch Scotland. (FPS Jan 08)

“I was a bit sceptical as to how one day training could help but this course today made me appreciate the value of training.”
Allan, ICMA. (FPS Jan 08)








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